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Strategic web design with fonts and colors

By Cole Battles | December 11, 2019

Looking for a foundation to start designing your website strategically? Whether you’re working with a web design agency, freelancer, or going the DIY route, two of the early design elements to start with are your fonts and colors. Let’s look at what you need to know…

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What is the best stock photo site?

By Tim Priebe | April 24, 2019

Nothing will set your website apart quite like high-quality engaging photos. The photos on your website are often what people will notice first when visiting your website. They help set the mood, let your visitors know what to expect, simply add some visual interest to complement your content. But not everyone has the resources, whether that’s time, money, or equipment, to create their own photos. That’s where stock photos can come in handy.

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Pixel coloring pages

By Cole Battles | February 27, 2019

We know you love Pixel. We love him too! So we thought we would come up with a great way to let everyone have a little fun.

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Our best articles on digital marketing from 2018

By Leann Priebe | January 23, 2019

Happy new year, everyone! Well, technically we’re almost a month into 2019 now. But it’s not too late to reflect on 2018 to know what to work on in 2019.

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Color palettes you can steal

By Cole Battles | August 8, 2018

Today’s topic is color palettes. Whether you are creating a brand, building your website, opening a store, or just making an infographic, it’s important to define your creation’s identity. Color is…

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Color personalities and how to choose yours

By Cole Battles | July 18, 2018

When you make something for people to look at, you generally want them to feel a certain way. This is especially true when it comes to branding, logos, websites, and the like.

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Alternatives to an expensive logo

By Tim Priebe | May 2, 2018

I may be a bit biased, but I think the logos we design at T&S Online Marketing are pretty awesome. However, our full-blown, professionally designed logo packages are not a good fit for everyone. So what can you do if you want a good looking logo, without breaking the bank? Fortunately, there are plenty of options out there!

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Mobile design inspiration

By Holly Kosec | January 31, 2018

If your website isn’t mobile friendly, it’s time to get in on the game! It’s now been more than 10 years since the iPhone debuted. While I’m personally more of an Android fan, there’s no debating the fact that smart phones have greatly impacted web design.

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What is responsive design?

By Tim Priebe | January 3, 2018

From time to time, we get clients who specifically ask if their website is mobile friendly, or if it uses responsive design. The majority of the time, we simply respond with “yes,” as we’ve been doing responsive design for a while now.

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Picking a replacement web font

By Holly Kosec | December 20, 2017

So you’ve been using an awesome font you love in all your print material. It looks great on your business cards, your brochures, and your fliers. Then you tell your web gal—or guy—that you want to use it on your website as well.

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