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By Tim Priebe on May 2, 2018

By Tim Priebe on May 2, 2018

I may be a bit biased, but I think the logos we design at T&S Online Marketing are pretty awesome. However, our full-blown, professionally designed logo packages are not a good fit for everyone. So what can you do if you want a good looking logo, without breaking the bank?

Fortunately, there are plenty of options out there!


Naturally, you can look for a logo on Fiverr. If you haven’t heard of the site, it was originally a marketplace where you could get any number of services for just $5 each. Over the years, they’ve let their service providers charge more than $5.

Among other services, they have logo design as little as $5, but I’ve seen them as much as a couple thousand. So there’s a big variety in both price and quality. Be sure to take into account how many people the seller has helped, as well as their rating.

Although I’ve never purchased a logo from Fiverr, I have bought other services. If you’re willing to have some false starts, you can find a good service provider there.

While I don’t have any personal experience with this site, I’ve heard good things about

Currently, they offer a web-ready logo for $27, a print and web-ready logo for $47, and a mascot design for $97. All of the options deliver in a week or less.


A bit pricier than the first two, 99designs has a well defined process:

  1. Create a simple description of what you need designed.
  2. Open up your contest to the 99designs community.
  3. Multiple designers submit their ideas, and you pick your favorite design.
  4. Work with that designer to finalize the design.

There are multiple options, and the contests start at $299, all the way up to $1,299.

Less expensive T&S option

I would be remiss if I didn’t mention that we do have an option that’s not as expensive as our full-blown logo package. Sometimes clients come to us basically knowing what they want their logo to look like. Maybe they even have it sketched out on a napkin.

In cases like that, they just need us to actually bring their very specific vision to life! The normal investment for that is just a couple hundred dollars.

Is it time to redo your logo? Or maybe get a new one? Pick one of these options and get started today!

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