Color palettes you can steal

By Cole Battles on August 8, 2018

By Cole Battles on August 8, 2018

Today’s topic is color palettes. Whether you are creating a brand, building your website, opening a store, or just making an infographic, it’s important to define your creation’s identity.

Color is the foundation of a brand identity. It becomes how something is recognized even without copy or a logo. Your colors will also guide you in your creation of other materials, whether in print or online. Ideally, everything will fit with the mood the colors have created.

Below are four different styles of color palettes: neutral, bright, monochromatic, and modern. Feel free to use them as inspiration in your next project. You can use them however you like—a website with large blocks of bright color, for example. Or a neutral maroon infographic for your law firm. Maybe even the interior of your home!

Remember: Colors on screens appear differently than in colors in print. Adjust accordingly.





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  1. Avatar Matt on August 9, 2018 at 5:18 am

    Thanks for this info AND the info you blogged about ((i.e., images for your blog) farther down the page.

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