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12 signs your business cards stink

By Chloé Gee | April 7, 2021

Business cards are a massive part of businesses’ brand identity, but it’s amazing how many bad ones I run across. Of course, I’m probably a little biased since we design business cards, but many people have handed me their card, and then I immediately have to make my best effort to hide my horror at just how bad they are.

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Business card design ideas

By Cole Battles | December 23, 2020

Business cards are a must. I don’t always make controversial statements like that, but we need to talk about it. Okay, maybe “controversial” is an exaggeration, but a business card that doesn’t adequately represent your organization or you as a person can leave a bad taste in the mouth of prospects, clients, and colleagues.

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How does your business card stack up?

By Holly Kosec | September 27, 2017

A few years ago, we did an analysis of business cards we had received at networking events. We looked at color, paper, size, orientation, information, and overall appearance. Since it’s been a few years, we decided to do a similar experiment on a new stack of cards.

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Does your business card stand out?

By Holly Kosec | October 7, 2014

When clients come to us for a new business card design for their business, they often have the same request. They want to stand out from the pack, with a card that is unique and effective. That’s a simple enough request, but in order to know how to stand out from the pack, we must first know what kinds of cards are a part of the pack.

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How I Learned to Bring My Business Cards With Me Everywhere

By Holly Kosec | August 13, 2013

Every so often, you may find yourself in a situation where you can proudly say that something, at some point in your life, prepared you for what you were dealing with at the time. Whether that’s having learned to interact with others in a social setting in kindergarten, or hands-on training in college, it all added up to make you who you are today. Everything you learned prepared you for that moment. This is not one of those kinds of stories.

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Must-See Business Cards

By Guest Blogger | June 12, 2008

To follow up on my previous post, I wanted to give you a taste of some cutting-edge business card designs, which will hopefully spark a few ideas for your personal cards. Whether or not the designs are feasible, it’s helpful to see the creative ideas out there!

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Stray From the Cookie-Cutter Business Card: The Importance of a Memorable Design

By Guest Blogger | May 30, 2008

Everyone should be open to new, innovative ideas for their business card design: just because you have one, doesn’t mean it’s working! I can’t stress the vitality of a memorable design and one that will leave a lasting impression. Your business card is not only an essential business tool, but it can also be used…

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