Articles written by Tim Priebe

 Is HubSpot’s marketing hub worth it?

By Tim Priebe | May 8, 2024

HubSpot’s marketing hub can be a great tool to help you work smarter, not harder. It can help with marketing automation, sales and marketing alignment, and more. But is it worth the investment that some would consider hefty?

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Is marketing important for nonprofit organizations?

By Tim Priebe | April 17, 2024

Is marketing important for nonprofit organizations? Yes. Yes, it is. Thank you for coming to my TED Talk.Seriously, though, marketing isn’t just for big corporations chasing profits! It can be a game-changer for nonprofits, too! While every organization’s journey is unique, finding the right marketing approach can supercharge your mission and make a real difference.

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How is Threads doing?

By Tim Priebe | April 10, 2024

Since its launch on July 5, 2023, Threads has woven itself into the fabric of social media conversations, sparking curiosity and skepticism in equal measure. Well, maybe more skepticism than curiosity.

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50 facts about the Backslash team

By Tim Priebe | April 3, 2024

At Backslash Creative, we’re not just about pixels and print; we’re a blend of personalities as vibrant and varied as the designs we create. In fact, balance, teamwork, and relationships are three of our six core values. Each of our team members has their own quirky characteristics, personal passions, and even idiosyncratic interests.

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ChatGPT prompts for social media

By Tim Priebe | March 27, 2024

Combining AI with social media’s power can improve your marketing if done right. It’s like unlocking a secret level in a game where the rewards are more engagement, deeper connections, and, ultimately, a stronger business presence online. But what prompts should you use?

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How does the LinkedIn algorithm work in 2024?

By Tim Priebe | March 6, 2024

LinkedIn has become a great platform for B2B companies and those targeting the more affluent, white-collar demographic. It’s more than just a platform; it’s a critical tool for amplifying your professional narrative, whether for personal branding or elevating your company’s profile.

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What is the most credible domain name?

By Tim Priebe | February 21, 2024

Domain names make websites much easier to access, like looking up someone’s name on your phone instead of having to dial their phone number each time. But the domain you pick makes a difference!

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Blogging for SEO with AI

By Tim Priebe | February 7, 2024

AI has left the world of shows I love (like Star Trek) and entered the mainstream. It’s transforming the way we approach digital marketing, and SEO is no exception. However, the key…

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Examples of using HubSpot for marketing

By Tim Priebe | January 17, 2024

HubSpot is like a Swiss Army knife for digital marketing. It’s versatile and powerful and can be great for pulling together multiple marketing platforms and even aligning sales and marketing in your organization. Let’s look at five real-life examples of ways our clients have used HubSpot for marketing.

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Personal profile vs. business page on LinkedIn

By Tim Priebe | January 10, 2024

When leveraging LinkedIn, knowing the differences between a personal profile and a business page—aka Company Page—can make the difference between using LinkedIn effectively and wasting time, money, and resources.

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