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How to use Pinterest for business

By Michela Owen | February 28, 2024

Let’s talk Pinterest – a platform that’s much more than just a hub for DIY enthusiasts and recipe hunters. For businesses, Pinterest is a goldmine for visual marketing and connecting with a diverse audience.

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What is the most credible domain name?

By Tim Priebe | February 21, 2024

Domain names make websites much easier to access, like looking up someone’s name on your phone instead of having to dial their phone number each time. But the domain you pick makes a difference!

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Why balance is important to our team

By Leann Priebe | February 14, 2024

Balance isn’t just a concept at Backslash Creative; it’s a part of how we live and work daily. It’s understanding that keeping a healthy work-life balance is a continuous journey, and it requires us to be flexible and aware, both as individuals and as a team.

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Blogging for SEO with AI

By Tim Priebe | February 7, 2024

AI has left the world of shows I love (like Star Trek) and entered the mainstream. It’s transforming the way we approach digital marketing, and SEO is no exception. However, the key…

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Mailchimp alternatives

By Leann Priebe | January 31, 2024

We love Mailchimp, but we also understand it’s not for everyone. It’s fairly popular, but you may want to explore other options, especially if you don’t like its features or pricing. Let’s dive into some Mailchimp alternatives that may better fit your email marketing needs.

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Nonprofit marketing plan

By Michela Owen | January 24, 2024

I love nonprofits and giving back to my community. And I love marketing as well! So, helping nonprofits get strategic by creating a marketing plan is one of my favorite parts of my job!

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Examples of using HubSpot for marketing

By Tim Priebe | January 17, 2024

HubSpot is like a Swiss Army knife for digital marketing. It’s versatile and powerful and can be great for pulling together multiple marketing platforms and even aligning sales and marketing in your organization. Let’s look at five real-life examples of ways our clients have used HubSpot for marketing.

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Personal profile vs. business page on LinkedIn

By Tim Priebe | January 10, 2024

When leveraging LinkedIn, knowing the differences between a personal profile and a business page—aka Company Page—can make the difference between using LinkedIn effectively and wasting time, money, and resources.

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How much does WordPress cost?

By Michela Owen | January 3, 2024

When it comes to building your online presence, WordPress is a name that often rings loud and clear. It’s renowned for its user-friendliness and adaptability. But here’s the kicker – there’s more to WordPress than meets the eye, especially when it comes to cost.

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Where can I find LinkedIn backgrounds?

By Tim Priebe | December 27, 2023

Creating a professional and engaging LinkedIn profile is essential in today’s digital world. An impactful part of your profile is the background image, which sets the tone and reflects your professional persona. In fact, in nearly every LinkedIn profile consultation I do, the background image is one of the first things we customize!

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