Is HubSpot’s marketing hub worth it?

By Tim Priebe on May 8, 2024

By Tim Priebe on May 8, 2024

HubSpot’s marketing hub can be a great tool to help you work smarter, not harder. It can help with marketing automation, sales and marketing alignment, and more. But is it worth the investment that some would consider hefty?

While the answer to that is different for different people, let’s look at two important factors you should take into account.

What do you sell?

If you want to answer whether or not HubSpot is worth the money you would spend on it, you have to consider how much money you make when you sell something.

If what you sell is inexpensive and relatively transactional, it’s probably not worth the investment to pay for HubSpot’s marketing hub. Selling coffee mugs to people online? It’s probably not worth it. Selling coffee mugs to major retailers in bulk? That might be a different story.

If your products or services command higher price points, reaching into the hundreds or thousands of dollars, and you tend to have longer sales cycles with a more intricate approach to marketing, HubSpot’s marketing features may be a good fit. Also, if what you sell is complex or bought infrequently, it can be a good fit.

Do you use a CRM?

Another sign that HubSpot’s marketing hub may be a good fit is if your company is already using a CRM, especially if it’s already HubSpot! Using the same tool for both your marketing and sales efforts means that you can market and sell more effectively with more data about your prospects. It also gives you automation tools to help you work smarter, not harder.

However, if you’re using a different CRM and can’t switch for some reason, there’s less benefit to HubSpot for marketing. If the sales CRM and the marketing system can’t talk to each other, they don’t work as effectively as they could.

Need help deciding?

The choice of whether or not to invest in HubSpot’s marketing hub is not always straightforward! We’re a HubSpot Partner, and it took us years to finally pull the trigger.

If you need help determining if HubSpot’s marking hub is right for you, we would be happy to talk. We offer paid consultations that can potentially save you thousands of dollars by helping you make the right decision.


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