33 more LinkedIn background images

By Michela Owen on May 15, 2024

By Michela Owen on May 15, 2024

Do you need to update your header image to complete your LinkedIn profile? Or maybe you’re like me and Tim, and staying the same too long makes you antsy. No matter the case, we’re here with some stellar LinkedIn backgrounds for you to use and abuse, no questions asked!

Now, you may ask, “What if I have an image from my branding images I love to death, Michela?! What then!?”

Fear not! Just crop that sucker 1584 x 396 pixels and upload it. You can also crop directly on LinkedIn after uploading it. You can even create custom ones with our favorite freemium (free with premium options) tool, Canva. 

If you don’t feel like your personal or professional brand or LinkedIn presence, we’d love to help you develop that. In fact, we specialize in helping professionals stand out online! If you’re embarrassed about how you look online, reach out. 

Now for what you really came here for: the images! Oh, and if you’re wondering if these are generated by AI, they are. Because we love AI and LinkedIn both!

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