How AI can help with email marketing

By Tim Priebe on May 22, 2024

By Tim Priebe on May 22, 2024

I love using AI, and I’ll say the same right up to the point we become subjugated by our robotic overlords. One of the many areas of marketing I use AI for is email marketing. Yes, email marketing can still be effective if done right.

With email marketing, AI can significantly boost engagement and conversion rates.

Using AI to create compelling subject lines

Your email’s subject line is often the first thing recipients see and plays a critical role in determining whether an email gets opened or ignored. Crafting the perfect subject line can be challenging, but AI can help by suggesting subject lines that are likely to resonate with your audience.

Here’s how I’ve used AI to assist:

Full content analysis

By inputting the full email content into an AI tool like ChatGPT, you can generate multiple subject line options. ChatGPT analyzes the content to understand key themes and messages, ensuring the subject lines are relevant and compelling.

Generating multiple subject options

ChatGPT can provide different subject line options focused on maximizing the open rate. For example, if your email is about a new product launch, you might receive suggestions like:

  • Explore the Future of [Service Category] for Your Business!
  • Introducing New Solutions Tailored for Your Business Needs!
  • Unlock the Full Potential of [Service] for Your Nonprofit Today!

I typically ask ChatGPT for ten suggestions. If I don’t like any of them, I may ask for ten more.

Optimizing for open rates

AI prioritizes suggestions based on what is likely to increase open rates. It uses past data and predictive algorithms to identify which types of subject lines have historically performed well, tailoring its suggestions to match those patterns.

Incorporating emojis

Emojis in subject lines can make people more likely to open them, but it’s essential to use them appropriately. AI can suggest relevant emojis to use, tell you whether you should put them at the beginning or end, and give you alternate options if you don’t like the first set.

Incorporating expert insights: Jay Schwedelson’s Tips

I’m a big fan of Jay Schwedelson, a renowned email marketing expert, and have been fortunate enough to meet him and hear him speak in person. He emphasizes the importance of subject lines in driving email performance and has tons of tips for marketers.

AI can take these tips into account by:

Offering solutions

AI can suggest subject lines that address common pain points of your audience. For instance, “Struggling with productivity? Try these tips! 💡”

Making promises

AI can help craft subject lines that make compelling promises. For example, “Unlock your potential with these exclusive tips! 🔓”

Often, I simply tell ChatGPT something like, “Create 10 subject line options for this email using best practices to increase open rates as suggested by email marketing expert Jay Schwedelson.”

How to get the most up-to-date email marketing tips

Jay has great up-to-date data that will give you the most current best practices. AI models like ChatGPT don’t always have access to the latest information, so I recommend also subscribing to Jay’s email marketing newsletter. Then you can copy and paste specific tips into your ChatGPT session to make sure your AI has the latest information.

Improve your email marketing with AI

AI has the power to transform your email marketing, but only if you use it. Get started today, and you’ll start seeing better results!

If you need help, I’d be happy to talk. Many of our clients have them help with email marketing, and I’d love to see if we would be a good fit to help you. Reach out today!

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