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How do I create a business blog?

By Leann Priebe | October 19, 2022

Here at T&S, we’re big fans of blogging. While we weren’t nearly as good at it back then, we’ve been blogging for our agency since 2008. And our longest continuous blog for a client has been running since 2011. Blogging is great for SEO, connecting with current and potential clients, and demonstrating your expertise and approachability. But how do you actually create a business blog?

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What 20 years of creating websites taught me

By Tim Priebe | August 24, 2022

When I started my marketing agency in 2003, we were really just a website design company. Since then, we’ve expanded our services to include many other digital marketing services. But creating and maintaining websites is still one of our core areas of expertise.

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Should I use posts or pages in WordPress?

By Leann Priebe | April 13, 2022

If you’re new to WordPress, you may be wondering what the difference is between pages and posts. After all, they both seem to be ways of publishing content on your website, right?

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What domain name should I use?

By Chloé Gee | March 2, 2022

Your website’s domain name is a visitor’s first impression, meaning your domain name definitely matters! It’s a key element to your website. Domain names are not only a visitor’s first impression. They also affect your search engine optimization (SEO) and help define your brand. But with…

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12 awesome things you can do with Gravity Forms

By Chloé Gee | January 5, 2022

You can get really creative when creating websites. If you ever need to include a contact form, survey, employment application, review form, or something else along those lines, we recommend using Gravity Forms.

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Lessons from four mobile websites

By Leann Priebe | November 17, 2021

It’s 2021, guys. Smartphones are everywhere. I’m constantly on my iPhone, taking photos, buying food, paying bills, and even surfing the web. If your website isn’t mobile-friendly, then it’s time to get your act together! Let’s look at four mobile websites for companies I love and a lesson we can learn from each of them.

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6 signs your mobile website stinks

By Chloé Gee | October 27, 2021

Basically everyone has a mobile device now. Not even counting tablets, mobile devices were responsible for 54.8% of global website traffic in the first quarter of 2021. We’ve seen that B2B numbers tend to run a little less, but it’s still enough traffic that you need to make sure your mobile website is good. Worried your mobile website might stink? You might be right. Let’s be honest, have you even looked at it lately?

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Lessons from the homepage of the top five websites

By Chloé Gee | August 18, 2021

The web is amazing. And scary. And crazy. But I can’t imagine life without it. In fact, without giving away my exact age, the web is (barely) older than I am. So I’ve literally never lived in a world without the web. And I wouldn’t want to!

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How do I fix a slow website?

By Tim Priebe | July 14, 2021

Your website’s speed is important for two main reasons. First, people will leave if they think it’s too slow. Second, Google will penalize your website in the search engine results if they think it’s too slow.

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Why we use a WordPress page builder

By Chloé Gee | June 2, 2021

When you think of website design, what comes to mind? Coding? Complexity? That may have been true back in 2003 when our agency first opened its doors, but it’s not the case any longer. We at T&S are big fans of WordPress in general, and for many reasons. It’s a very versatile platform, and one of the tools we use through WordPress is a page builder plugin to create clients’ websites. Our team can still dip into the code when needed, it’s just not needed nearly as much now as it used to be. Beaver Builder is our page builder of choice, so let’s look at what it offers and why we like it.

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