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Check your website on other browsers

By Tim Priebe | July 9, 2008

If you’re only checking your website in the web browser you use, others may not be seeing the site how you intend them to. After all, chances are pretty low that everyone looking at your site is using the same browser you are. Here at T&S Web Design, we test on several browsers on Macs…

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Let your visitors decide

By Tim Priebe | July 2, 2008

Ten years ago, the web was a very different place. All sorts of tricks were being used to control the experience a visitor to a website had. You might be forced to watch a Flash introduction. You could have been blocked from saving individual pictures from the site. And when you finally got frustrated and…

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Five Things that Annoy Me About Websites

By Tim Priebe | June 4, 2008

Here are some random things that annoy me about websites. I’m not going to link to any specific examples, as that would be too mean. That, and I’ve probably been guilty of some of these in the past. Make sure you don’t do any of these things. Or if you do, you’d better have a…

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