Should I use posts or pages in WordPress?

By Leann Priebe on April 13, 2022

By Leann Priebe on April 13, 2022

If you’re new to WordPress, you may be wondering what the difference is between pages and posts. After all, they both seem to be ways of publishing content on your website, right?

Well, there is a difference. Let’s look at what that difference is and how to know which one you should be using.

The difference between a page and a post

Pages are generally used for static content, like your home page or an about page. Posts are usually used for blog-style content, such as helpful articles, news items, or timely information.

So, which one should you use? That depends on what you’re trying to achieve with your website. If you want to create a static website with no blogging functionality, and SEO—search engine optimization—isn’t important to you, then it’s easy: you should always use pages!

If you want to create a blog as well as other types of pages, then you may want to use posts sometimes.

When a post is appropriate

Posts are handy for time-sensitive information, news items, or helpful information. For example, if you’re having a sale that only lasts for a week, you’ll want to create a post about it so that your visitors can see the latest information right on your website.

Posts are also great for articles with lots of images and videos, as they are—by default—arranged in chronological order with the newest content at the top. This is perfect for creating a blog where readers can follow your latest updates.

When a page is appropriate

Static pages, like an about page or contact form, don’t need to be updated as often. Pages are also great for information that needs to be in the menu or other navigational elements on your website. A menu on a website is typically made up of pages, not posts.

To wrap things up, posts are usually full of timely information, and adding them regularly is great for SEO. Pages are for information that don’t change as often, so you generally won’t add or update them as often.

Of course, if you’re ever in a situation where you’re not sure, contact your local web design company! If they’re WordPress experts, they should be able to guide you in your specific situation.

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