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Three ways to automate Pinterest posts

By Tim Priebe | November 1, 2016

Pinterest is a great social media platform for a lot of businesses. If what you sell is very visually-oriented, it’s at least worth considering the audience on Pinterest, the level of effort the platform would require from you, and seeing if you should be on it.

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Choosing your name online

By Holly Kosec | October 6, 2015

What’s in a name? A lot, when it comes to consistency across the web. If somebody searches for you on Twitter using your domain name, but your Twitter handle is different, your company’s Twitter feed might not show up. The same goes for platforms such as Instagram and LinkedIn. Without a consistent name across all of those platforms, potential customers will have trouble finding you. Figuring out an alias for your company isn’t always as straight forward as it sounds.

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16 awesome LinkedIn resources

By Tim Priebe | June 16, 2015

LinkedIn can be a great tool! If you’ve been meaning to dig in, improve your profile, or even start prospecting or marketing on LinkedIn, it can sometimes be tough to know just where to start. Here’s a list of 16 awesome resources you can use to make the most of your LinkedIn presence

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30 must-read online marketing blogs

By Holly Kosec | May 5, 2015

One of the best ways to keep up-to-date on all of the latest news in the marketing world is to keep tabs on some of the most active, applicable, and cutting-edge marketing blogs on the web.

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Using the news for blog ideas

By Guest Blogger | April 21, 2015

You’re probably working too hard to come up with the ideas to blog about. If you’re tired of staring at a blank page waiting for inspiration, look no further than the thousands of journalists turning out stories every day. First off, let me introduce myself…

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Your new favorite typography tool:

By Holly Kosec | August 19, 2014

Picking out the right font for a project can be a difficult task, and if you have as many fonts as I do on your computer, it can also be very time-consuming. That’s where my new favorite typography tool,, comes in handy.

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An inside look at a designer’s toolbox

By Holly Kosec | July 22, 2014

In celebration of Tim’s upcoming book, Blog A Week, I’ve decided it would probably be a good idea to put it to the test. It can sometimes be tough to find a good topic to write about, and this book can help you think of some out-of-the-box ideas. That’s where I got the idea to write about my “toolbox”, or things that I use every day as a designer, and why I love to use them.

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Have You Fixed Your YouTube Channel?

By Holly Kosec | June 11, 2013

Several months ago, YouTube rolled out some new changes to their YouTube channels. You had the option of whether or not to switch to the new “One Channel” design, but as of June 5th, 2013, the change has been applied to all channels. If you haven’t fixed your channel’s branding, it may not look very professional right now. So it’s time to get your channel back up to snuff!

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How to get your Prezi on YouTube

By Holly Kosec | January 7, 2013

I recently started toying with a pretty neat presentation tool called Prezi. Prezi allows you to build presentations using either pre-built templates, or by creating custom templates of your own. You can see an example of one of our prezis by checking out our 10 Years of Awesomeness Celebration video.

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Everything You Need to Know About the New Twitter Branding Capabilities

By Holly Kosec | September 24, 2012

A couple of days ago Twitter rolled out several new changes that will make branding your Twitter page easier and more fun. Following the lead of major social networks such as Facebook and Google+, Twitter has implemented some great new options that allow for more branding opportunities. Header Images The largest change is the addition…

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