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Become a fan of T&S on Facebook to win business cards

By Tim Priebe | June 14, 2009

As you probably know, this past Friday, Facebook launched user names. While we’ve previously told you how to find your public Facebook link, that’s no longer an issue at all. Now you can have a link like While it’s open currently to both individual accounts and to pages, the pages have to have at…

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Easily increase your search engine visibility

By Tim Priebe | March 30, 2009

For a long time, search engine optimization has been a feat that required a certain level of experience and technical skills. And it still is. Fortunately for the average business owner and freelancer, you can increase your search engine visibility using just social networking websites. Since they’re the most effective, I’ll specifically talk about Facebook and LinkedIn.

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One of the many reasons Facebook is more popular than MySpace…

By Tim Priebe | March 25, 2009

… is because Facebook does not pull this kind of junk:

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A frustrating screen for Twitter users…

By Tim Priebe | March 17, 2009

Now that we’ve become power Twitter users here around T&S, we’re unfortunately seeing more and more of this screen: A frustrating screen people who frequently use Twitter know all too well.

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Getting LinkedIn recommendations

By Tim Priebe | March 7, 2009

Are you wanting to get more (or any) recommendations on your LinkedIn account? Here’s how… That’s it! Be honest and complimentary, and many of the people you recommend will recommend you right back. It works! I have more recommendations than the average LinkedIn user. Check my public profile.

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Different Facebook, LinkedIn and MySpace Workshops

By Tim Priebe | February 25, 2009

T&S is offering workshops for Facebook, LinkedIn and MySpace. While they may or may not be a good fit for you, there are a couple of things that differentiate us from others offering similar workshops:

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