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15 Fantastic Web Fonts for Body Text

By Holly Kosec | September 17, 2012

Last week we focused on how to make the headlines on your site pop. Now, what about all of the rest of the text? In many cases, simply Arial or Helvetica can do the trick, but sometimes we have a more specific look-and-feel in mind.

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Mother’s Day Robots

By Tim Priebe | May 13, 2012

Happy Mother’s Day, from the Orangites here at T&S! Enjoy this wallpaper of a robot family. Click the image above for 1280 x 800. To save the image, right click on the version above, then click on Save Link As. For directions on how to update your wallpaper, see these links:

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5 FREE Twitter Backgrounds

By Guest Blogger | May 1, 2010

How would you like to be the proud, new owner of a custom twitter background? Rather than go through the pains of background design, why not let a professional take care of it? For free even! (That’s gratis, free of charge, for nothing, complimentary, on the house.) In the Month of May, we’re offering 5…

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