Articles written by Tim Priebe

Websites that turn a profit

By Tim Priebe | October 23, 2008

While it’s certainly important that your website looks good, the real goal for your business’s website should be for it to benefit you financially. There are three main ways this can be done. Over the next few weeks, I’m going to be writing about each of these categories, and some ways different clients of ours…

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Simple Guide to Computer Screen Shots

By Tim Priebe | October 2, 2008

Screen captures are extremely helpful in our line of work. We test websites extensively in mutliple browsers and operating systems, but sometimes a problem will still show up on a client’s computer that we don’t see. In those cases, a screen shot is invaluable. Screen captures are relatively easy in both Windows and Mac’s OS…

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That website’s colors look terrible!

By Tim Priebe | September 25, 2008

Sometimes websites look awful. You’ve probably looked at a website and thought the colors were a poor choice. Or maybe you have worked with a web designer and the colors on your site didn’t turn out exactly like you wanted. While it may or may not be the designer’s fault, things are not entirely in…

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The two ways to get into search engines

By Tim Priebe | September 19, 2008

There are basically two ways to get listed in search engines. You can pay to be listed (sort of, I’ll explain in a bit), or you can optimize your website to appear higher in the listings. One good analogy to explain the difference is to look at the websites like books in a bookstore. Paid…

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The case for checking on older browsers

By Tim Priebe | September 5, 2008

As I’ve mentioned before, we check our websites in six different browser / operating system combinations. Just the other day, my programmer asked me if we could stop checking in one of Opera. For Internet Explorer 6.0, there’s even an IE Death March website dedicated to telling others they should stop checking their websites in…

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The Kid’s Place of Edmond Golf Tournament

By Tim Priebe | August 18, 2008

Earlier this month, on August 5, we helped sponsor and participated in a miniature golf fundraiser for The Kids’ Place, an Edmond-based center that helps children and their adult family members cope with the loss of a loved one. About 80 participated in all and about $1,600 was raised. Thanks goes out to Natasha Baird…

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Answers to some domain name questions

By Tim Priebe | August 8, 2008

I frequently get asked questions about domain names by small business owners. Here are some of those questions, along with the simple versions of the answers. Q: How do I pick my domain name? A: The easiest thing to do is find a short version of your business name. So if your business name is,…

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Website Resources for Small Business Owners

By Tim Priebe | July 30, 2008

Recently I scoured the web to come up with some website resources that could be useful for small business owners. While I’ve personally written on a lot of these topics in the past, it’s good to get a third-party point of view. As typically happens, I found others had already come up with great lists.

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Check your website on other browsers

By Tim Priebe | July 9, 2008

If you’re only checking your website in the web browser you use, others may not be seeing the site how you intend them to. After all, chances are pretty low that everyone looking at your site is using the same browser you are. Here at T&S Web Design, we test on several browsers on Macs…

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Let your visitors decide

By Tim Priebe | July 2, 2008

Ten years ago, the web was a very different place. All sorts of tricks were being used to control the experience a visitor to a website had. You might be forced to watch a Flash introduction. You could have been blocked from saving individual pictures from the site. And when you finally got frustrated and…

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