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By Tim Priebe on November 6, 2008

By Tim Priebe on November 6, 2008

Now that we’ve talked about saving time, let’s talk about saving money. This one is actually pretty easy to see from several standpoints.

First, the flexibility of a website can save money over traditional marketing materials. Let’s say you have some marketing material printed up. 5,000 brochures, 5,000 business cards and 5,000 fliers. As is common with small businesses, things change. Maybe it’s an email address, maybe a phone number, maybe even a service or product you offer. All of a sudden, you’re out over $1,000 dollars.

With a website, it’s different. You don’t have to spend tons of money to reprint brochures, business cards and fliers. Instead, you just go online, tweak your website’s text, and you’re good to go.

Another method was brought to our attention by one of our earliest clients, Cactus Jack’s Family Fun Center. One of the reasons they wanted a website was to save money on an ongoing basis with advertising. The fact that you can fit plenty of information in a website means you’re not paying to cram all that info into a phone book ad or into a television spot. Instead, you put just enough information to whet the appetite of your potential customer, then send them to your website for more in depth information.

While ads in the phone book, newspapers and magazines are still helpful, you don’t have to sell the product right there. You do still need to have eye-catching and memorable ads, but you can do the actual sales pitch on the website.

Finally, some websites simply save money on postage and gas. While musicians could mail out sample CDs to get their music out there, why not put a website up and include samples on the site instead? Sure, photographers like Beautiful Bride Photography and Colette Staats could drive around showing potential clients their portfolios, but why not point them to their websites?

I think you get the idea.

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