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Twitter isn’t so scary

By Guest Blogger | February 10, 2010

Twitter isn’t exactly new. People have been using, abusing and even making a living off of Twitter since it’s inception in 2006. In an instantaneous world, four years might as well be a million. It’s like an art form that I all-of-a-sudden need to know and I’m not even sure why. There are Twitter experts…

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Concept vs. Creation: why logos cost an arm and a leg

By Guest Blogger | January 25, 2010

“I could have designed that.” Sound familiar? I still find myself guilty of this phrase, even as a designer. When I see a sleek, simple logo design, it’s hard to appreciate the extensive process that occurred before the finished product. Sure I could have traced the graphic, found the correct font and duplicated the colors,…

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Web Design is not Print Design

By Guest Blogger | January 18, 2010

It’s easy to think that design is design and that there isn’t a whole lot of difference between the types of design. For the most part this is true. There are definitely fundamental principles that translate across genres. Principles like the golden ratio and the rule of thirds and all of that good stuff. (If…

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Video solution to our new, hard-to-find office

By Guest Blogger | December 22, 2009

Our new office location is infamous for stumping even GPS navigation systems. We decided a video might help people find the place and maybe give incentive to bring us gifts. Whether or not our video helps, we had fun doing it. As a disclaimer, it is SLIGHTLY humorous…and nerdy.

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Email Etiquette Part 1: Keepin’ It Real

By Guest Blogger | December 11, 2009

In the midst of hundreds of emails each week (thousands for some), I think it’s fairly common to disregard the need for personable communication and correct email behavior. There is a laundry list of things to remember, so I thought I would break it up into a series of blog entries. Hopefully working on it…

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Can you find the mistake? We obviously failed.

By Guest Blogger | November 20, 2009

Case in point. Web is better than print. Okay, not all the time, but when you find a mistake 10 weeks down the road, website has been launched, and it’s been through the hands of at least half a dozen people, thousands of dollars aren’t poured into correcting the piddly error. We might suffer a…

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Improve Content Absorption

By Guest Blogger | November 12, 2009

Hey, I’m Elyssa Dolinger, a recent T&S designer hire (Yeah! Helping to even out our designer/programmer ratio.) and I believe strongly in the power of information design. Print design theory can really help in classing up a web page. More importantly, print designers are used to working with a lot of content. A lot of…

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Boss Man Tim…Day

By Guest Blogger | October 16, 2009

Leann surprised all of us with some sandwiches and a sweet cake for Boss Day. Whether or not Tim was worthy of a rainbow cake, we all enjoyed it greatly. Ok, I guess he’s an alright boss. Check out the high quality iPhone pictures on Facebook. We had quite the party.

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Launch Boxes!

By Guest Blogger | September 4, 2009

If our incredible service and fantastic communication isn’t enough incentive to purchase a website from T&S, we have the answer: launch boxes. T&S just added a new step in our standard and premium website process. At the end of designing and coding your website, we have decided to send you a “launch box” proceeding the…

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The Fireworks Advantage

By Guest Blogger | January 22, 2009

Fireworks is often overlooked. Many (most) web designers today use Photoshop to design their websites, and a lot of them have never considered or (*gasp) even heard of Fireworks. Adobe Fireworks is made for creating websites. That is what it was built for, and it does it well. Fireworks enables you to rapidly prototype and…

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