Launch Boxes!

By Emily Spirek on September 4, 2009

By Emily Spirek on September 4, 2009

If our incredible service and fantastic communication isn’t enough incentive to purchase a website from T&S, we have the answer: launch boxes.

T&S just added a new step in our standard and premium website process. At the end of designing and coding your website, we have decided to send you a “launch box” proceeding the launch of your new website. We think it’s a very exciting step for a company to see their new site online, so we thought our clients would appreciate a tasty thank you package in the mail.

Our favorite part of the launch box is our personalized My Jones Soda bottle with the T&S’ logo printed on the label. Even if you don’t like Orange & Cream soda, the bottle looks pretty darn good on display. Just sayin’. In the future we’ll be making plenty of upgrades to the launch boxes. Guess you’ll just have to buy a website to find out what they are.

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  1. Tim Priebe Tim Priebe on September 5, 2009 at 12:52 am

    And the Jones soda is delicious, also. Great job on the launch boxes, Emily!

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