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Who is your ideal customer?

By Guest Blogger | March 25, 2014

It’s easy to feel lost when trying to market a business. You may find yourself stuck on how to pull customers in or how to drive purchases. With the flood of advertisements and other information that people see everyday, you’re probably struggling to stand out.

When you’re writing content for your website, developing social media, or working on marketing in general, there are six important questions to ask that will help you focus and be able to set yourself apart from the crowd — Who? Why? What? When? Where? How?

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Why assumptions will drive your audience away

By Guest Blogger | January 21, 2014

When you’re running a business or working within a particular niche, it’s easy to to fall into the habit of making assumptions. The issues and concepts you deal with day-to-day may seem obvious and self-explanatory. Industry terms and buzzwords might slip into casual conversations with clients, because you assume everyone knows what you’re talking about.

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How to win rabid fans by creating content people hate

By Guest Blogger | January 7, 2014

Everyone wants to be loved. The problem is, trying force people to love you doesn’t really work. Many people fall into the trap of over-tempering their marketing content and branding, because they want to appeal to everyone.

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Danger: Avoid a New Year’s marketing burnout

By Guest Blogger | December 31, 2013

It’s New Year’s Eve and many people are getting ready to charge into 2014 with a shiny new marketing plan. They’re going to blog every day and get more active on Twitter and LinkedIn. Potential customers will be impressed by the flood of content and updates. It’s going to be a great year. It’s going to be different—better than last year.

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How long should your blog posts be?

By Guest Blogger | December 24, 2013

One of the questions that comes up a lot when people ask me about blogging is “How long should my blog entries be?” I’ve struggled with the same issue and did a lot of research over the last couple of years to find out what other writers, content strategists, and marketing gurus think.

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Three Reasons Nobody Reads Your Blog

By Guest Blogger | November 12, 2013

Maybe you’ve got a lot of web traffic, but no one seems to stay on your site. No one leaves a comment. No one shares your links. When you ask people if they’ve read your most recent post they say, “Umm… Yeah, it was good. What was it about again?” They haven’t read it, because your blog is hard to read. You might have good ideas, but you aren’t following some basic rules.

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Can You Copyright Protect What You Put On Facebook?

By Guest Blogger | November 28, 2012

Every few months, messages make the rounds on Facebook about ways to copyright protect what you post on Facebook. It generally resurfaces as a result of some change to Facebook’s guidelines. Does it really hold any legal water? Let’s ask a lawyer!

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Feel smarter. Be trendy. Use QR Codes.

By Guest Blogger | August 8, 2011

Yes, QR Codes are the new buzz in technology land. The question is, are you one of those smart people buzzing about it? First, a lesson about what it is. Then, a lesson about what it is to you.

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New boss, new co-workers, new responsibilities

By Guest Blogger | May 19, 2011

Starting a new job can be, well… awkward. Everything is new. New boss, new co-workers, new responsibilities. Then, if youʼre a programmer, thereʼs a plethora of programs to learn and logins to memorize (I have at least three different passwords depending on what Iʼm logging into). Thatʼs not to mention the incredibly maze-ish file systems…

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Updated look for the new year

By Guest Blogger | January 24, 2011

So by now, everyone knows how T&S is a comfortable, laid back and overall awesome environment, but something was missing in the office. Even though we knew this, it was a mixture of not knowing the solution and also the lack of time to figure it out. Over Christmas break, our new Admin Assistant, Keri…

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