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By Emily Spirek on January 24, 2011

By Emily Spirek on January 24, 2011

So by now, everyone knows how T&S is a comfortable, laid back and overall awesome environment, but something was missing in the office. Even though we knew this, it was a mixture of not knowing the solution and also the lack of time to figure it out.

Over Christmas break, our new Admin Assistant, Keri Blumer, took the liberty of drawing out a detailed plan for the rearranged office and pretty much moved all of it herself (even when Tim said he’d help). We can’t tell you how much we appreciate her innovation and even more so her execution. We LOVE the new look and it finally conveys our personality. She’s pretty fantastic. (Check out the pictures below).

We still have a few robot paintings and posters to hang, as well as adding some new storage bins to the bookshelves, but it’s on its way to a style we love. Oh, and Tim bought a big screen TV…which topped off the new look. It’s pretty amazing how a different style can affect your mood in the office (Fung Shui is awesome).

Probably one of my favorite details is the couch pillows. I’ve wanted those since day 1 in the new office, but you know, takes time. We thought about purchasing the Adobe pillows with Illustrator, Photoshop, etc., but why do that when you can have an employee make them from scratch? Elyssa Dolinger was a designer for us for about a year-ish, and she handcrafted those babies. We adore them.

Oh, and we want people visit us, so stop by and check out all the new stuff. And if you know of anyone who has some artwork that needs some love, we definitely have some extra wall space and wouldn’t mind having it on display.

We hope everyone has a blessed new year!

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  1. Avatar Kristen Ashford on January 24, 2011 at 2:29 pm

    Looks fun and inspiring!!