Feel smarter. Be trendy. Use QR Codes.

By Emily Spirek on August 8, 2011

By Emily Spirek on August 8, 2011

Yes, QR Codes are the new buzz in technology land. The question is, are you one of those smart people buzzing about it?

First, a lesson about what it is. Then, a lesson about what it is to you.

What is it?

QR Code = Quick Response Code. And they do mean quick.

It’s a simple 2D code that you generate (for free) and people scan it with their extremely intelligent, camera-enabled phones. Immediately after they scan the code, the application will direct them straight to your website.

Typing out a domain name? Psh. That’s in the past.

It can be used for other things as well, including, virtual business cards, phone numbers or even sending a text message.

We all know how creative the young generation is, and they will find plenty of uses for these codes. I even read an article about a guy putting a QR Code on his mother’s tombstone, which directed people to a memorial website he created for her. Weird, yet extremely innovative.

What is it to you?

1 in 2 Americans will have one of these super awesome smartphones by the end of 2011.

Meaning, people will have the ability to use these QR Codes…everywhere. Make it easier on your current and potential clients/customers – who doesn’t want instant gratification?

Karan Ediger, General Manager of the Edmond Business Times, wrote an article about this new phenomena. She admits that she’s “no genius when it comes to digital technology,” but she’s been quite impressed with this new fad.

She has great tips for incorporating the QR Code into your business’ marketing. She says to ask yourself, is it to:

  • Increase awareness about a new product or introduce a new service
  • Announce a big sale
  • Increase efforts on a charity fund drive

Decide your goal, and the QR Code has great potential to aid in the success of your business.

If you think the code is a bit ugly and would make your designs lose their snaz, remember, there is some room for experimentation. Check out these awesome business card designs (as well as ours pictured above). It might give you a little hope.

Consider this!

Once you add your QR Code to your business card, flyers, etc., think about what you’re directing your clients to. Most people are scanning these codes with their smartphone, meaning they’re navigating your website on their phone too.

Consider getting a mobile website design, which is a simplified version of your full site. One-touch calling and map functions are ideal for on-the-go purposes. Scan our QR Code above to check out the mobile version of our website!

If you subscribe to our Ezine in the bottom right corner of our site, we will give you a free business card design with your sparkly new QR Code! Just purchase a mobile website (starting at $595) by August 31st, and we’ll design you a new business card (200 awesomely-printed cards included).

There you have it. Two birds with one stone.

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