What are the different hubs in HubSpot?

By Leann Priebe on March 13, 2024

By Leann Priebe on March 13, 2024

One of the reasons we’re a HubSpot Partner is because HubSpot has a bunch of great tools, and their integration is fantastic. They pack a great punch with several of what they call hubs, each designed to streamline different areas of your business.

Here are the hubs they offer that we’ll explore:

  • Marketing Hub
  • Sales Hub
  • Service Hub
  • CMS Hub
  • Operations Hub
  • Commerce Hub

These hubs each bring something unique to the table, from attracting new clients to tracking deals, providing great customer success to optimizing your operations; there’s a HubSpot hub ready to help you.

Let’s unpack the magic behind each of the HubSpot hubs and see which ones—if any—would be a good fit for you and your organization to accomplish your goals.

Marketing Hub: Getting strategic with marketing

The marketing hub stands out, as it can help integrate and automate your marketing efforts, helping you to market more strategically.

The email marketing tools are a great place to start, as some email capabilities are even included in the free HubSpot plan. They let you craft personalized, compelling email campaigns, track results, and adjust accordingly.

Social media marketing capabilities are a great feature once you upgrade to a paid account. They help you stay active and engage with them, whether your preferred social media platform is LinkedIn, Instagram, Facebook, or something else.

Workflows are where things really start to get powerful, automating tasks to streamline your marketing efforts and ensure no lead is left behind. From basic drip campaigns to conditional logic, workflows can make your marketing much more personalized and strategic.

Other notable features of the Marketing Hub include:

  • Lead Capture Forms
  • Landing Pages
  • Ads
  • SMS
  • Live Chat

Together, these tools empower you to attract, engage, and delight your audience, driving not just growth but making your marketing more efficient, responsive, and strategic.

Sales Hub: Sales professionals working smarter

The Sales Hub is all about making the lives of sales professionals easier and their work more effective. It starts with CRM tools that are actually available in the free version of HubSpot, letting you track interactions with customers, clients, and prospects.

Perhaps most powerful of all, Sequences allow you to automate emails and the creation of tasks so you can effectively follow up with prospects. When combined with lead scoring, that automation is even more powerful.

Other key features of the Sales Hub include:

  • Deal tracking
  • Forecasting
  • Sales email templates
  • Meeting scheduling
  • Playbooks

This functionality combines to make sales more efficient and more personalized, helping salespeople work smarter, not harder.

Service Hub, CMS Hub, Operations Hub, and Commerce Hub

The other hubs are powerful as well, each with its own area of focus.

  • Service Hub: Streamlines customer service processes, enabling teams to deliver efficient and personalized customer support.
  • CMS Hub: Provides a powerful and user-friendly platform for creating and managing website content, enhancing the digital experience.
  • Operations Hub: Simplifies and automates business processes, ensuring seamless integration and data synchronization across tools and teams.
  • Commerce Hub: Facilitates e-commerce operations, from product management to online sales, optimizing the shopping experience for customers.

In our experience, the marketing hub makes a lot of sense for a variety of businesses, as does the sales hub. For the other four hubs, it just depends. Not all of them make sense for all organizations.

Sales and marketing alignment

Aligning sales and marketing efforts is important for any business looking to grow. HubSpot’s Marketing Hub and Sales Hub make this a lot easier.

Whether you’re a one-man shop or have a marketing team and sales team, the tools in those hubs ensure that all efforts are working from the same data with similar messaging, leading to more personalized customer interactions and a unified strategy.

Marketing can easily pass qualified leads to sales, while sales can provide feedback on lead quality, helping marketing to fine-tune campaigns.

At the risk of using a buzzword, this synergy not only improves efficiency but also makes things more seamless for your prospects. And the easier you make things for your prospects, the more likely they’ll do business with you.

Start getting strategic with HubSpot

Starting with HubSpot’s Sales Hub and Marketing Hub is straightforward, and best of all, you can begin by using HubSpot for free. The free options pack plenty of features to get your feet wet, align your sales and marketing, and start seeing the benefits of a more streamlined operation.

When you’re ready to amplify your results, exploring the paid options opens up even more powerful tools and capabilities.

And if you want to really elevate your strategy, we’re here to help. Feel free to reach out and see how we can assist you in taking full advantage of what HubSpot has to offer.


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