Why SERP is important for SEO

By Tim Priebe on June 21, 2023

By Tim Priebe on June 21, 2023

If where and how you show up in Google’s results is important to you and your organization, you may have run across the term SERP. And if you have, you may have found yourself asking, “Whasserp?”

Don’t worry; That’s the only time I will only reference the cheesy yet highly successful beer commercial from over 20 years ago.

But really, you may be asking yourself, “Self, what is SERP?”

Understanding SERP and its relevance

SERP (Search Engine Results Page) is the page that appears on your screen after you enter a search query on a search engine like Google. Or, if you’re part of the 2.77% instead of the 93.12%, on a search engine like Bing.

The SERP shows a list of websites that are relevant to your search, along with their titles, descriptions, and URLs. In other words, the websites that Google thinks have what you’re looking for.

Those websites are ranked according to their relevance and importance to the search query, with the most relevant and essential websites appearing at the top of the list.

The connection between SERP and SEO

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is all about intentionally impacting where and how you show up on SERPs. One way this is done is by improving the website’s content and structure so that search engines can understand it, show it to more people, and increase its ranking on the SERP for relevant keywords and queries.

SERP is important for SEO (Search engine Optimization) because the higher a website appears on the SERP, the more likely it is to receive clicks and traffic from potential customers or clients.

Appearing on the first page of the SERP is often crucial for businesses and nonprofits, as most users don’t look beyond the first page.

The impact of high SERP rankings

The top results on the first page receive a significant percentage of clicks, with the first result getting the lion’s share of clicks.

Therefore, businesses that rank high on the SERP are more likely to attract relevant traffic, generate leads, and increase sales or conversions.

Now that you know the importance of SERPs in relation to SEO, do you need help with your organization’s SEO? We would be happy to talk and see if our next-level marketing strategies are a good fit to help you get the results you need.


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