Discounted marketing tools for nonprofits

By Brooklyn Learned on June 28, 2023

By Brooklyn Learned on June 28, 2023

Nonprofit marketing departments vary depending on the organization, but they share the common goal of accomplishing multiple tasks with limited resources, unlike larger for-profit businesses. Although some nonprofits can afford to invest in a marketing tool or two, receiving occasional discounts is always beneficial.

Here at T&S, we share a commonality with nonprofits: the goal of wanting to succeed in making a positive difference in the world. Here are some tools that can help in the efforts:


HubSpot is a software company that offers Marketing, Sales, and Service Hubs with features like email marketing, social media management, and customer support tools to help non-profits reach their target audience and improve customer service.

HubSpot offers a considerable discount to nonprofits and free educational resources to help non-profits learn how to use the tools effectively.


Eventbrite is a user-friendly platform that helps nonprofits organize events by allowing you to sell tickets, post ads regarding the event, and track and approve RSVPs for your event – all in one place.

Everbrite also is an excellent tool for monitoring email and social media engagement for your events.

Google Workspace & Google Ad grants

With Google Workspace, you can store shared document templates your organization has customized, utilize their free office tools, and communicate collaboratively without needing a bunch of separate workspaces.

Google also has Ad grants for nonprofits that your organization can apply for. When running Google Ads, you can track engagement directly from Google Workspace.


For nonprofits, communication with audiences is critical to funding and success. With Emma, you can craft creative email campaigns that are visually appealing.

Also, Emma has email analytics tools that help you better understand your audience and gauge email performance.


Canva is great for nonprofits who are looking to create a wide variety of marketing images but don’t have graphic design skills and still want their visual projects to be appealing.

Digital marketing agency

Oh, did I mention that we work with a lot of nonprofits, often at a discounted rate?

If your nonprofit doesn’t have an in-house marketing department and all this seems overwhelming, reach out today! We would love to discuss all your online nonprofit marketing needs, from email blasts to reels and other content creation, and see if we would be a good fit for you.


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