10 interesting facts about Brooklyn

By Brooklyn Learned on June 14, 2023

By Brooklyn Learned on June 14, 2023

I’m Brooklyn Learned, the newest team member here at T&S, at least for now. I’m the Digital Content Creator, aka Champion Wordsmith. No, I’m not from New York. I was born and raised in Oklahoma City.

Brace yourself as I introduce myself to you further by revealing the following interesting facts:

Fact #1 – My name was originally going to be Boston

The ultrasound determined I was going to be a boy, and when I came out a girl, my parents just named me the next city they could think of that starts with the letter “B.”

Fact #2 – I’ve loved writing since I was a kid

When I was 8 years old, I won 1st place in a contest for a poem I wrote titled “Just open your eyes and look around.”

Fact #3 – I’ve also won an award as an adult

At a prestigious journalism conference, the Radio Television Digital News Association recognized me for my writing abilities, and I met the iconic journalist Judy Woodruff.

Fact #4 – I love words but I am more than just a writer

I’m also a singer/rapper and even recorded my own song with a professional music producer. I’m a public speaker and gave a speech about my life story at an event for a local nonprofit where I opened for the renowned Christian singer Micha Tyler. Furthermore, I am an avid reader and have read three different translations of the Bible in completion from front to back.

Fact #5 – I am low maintenance yet have a high level of drive and motivation 

I’ve only worn makeup or used a curling iron a few times in my entire life, and I keep a handwritten To Do List that I check off after every goal I complete.

Fact #6 – I love to cook and eat

My grandma used to set me up on the counter when I was little and teach me all her best recipes, and today the only food I don’t like is unripe bananas.

Fact #7 – I am a lifelong learner with a passion for overcoming challenges

I got my college degree from the University of Oklahoma while being a single mom and overcoming homelessness.

Fact #8 – I am a published journalist

I’ve had articles published in several different places, and an essay I wrote about my journey into journalism made the front page of The Norman Transcript on the exact day of my graduation from OU’s College of Journalism.

Fact #9 – Since several of the above numbers technically list more than one fact, I will tell a joke about a quote instead

Why did the quote cross the street?

To inspire chickens on the other side.

Fact #10 – I’m a research geek

Just for fun, here’s a definition from the Urban Dictionary:

Wordsmithery – The awesome ability to bring words together to make something magical.

Need I say more? Probably not, but you best believe I will as I create content to help our clients!

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  1. Avatar Susan Coles on June 21, 2023 at 11:37 am

    So proud of you! You look so good and positive. Please keep looking up towards the cross during your coming journeys. Love you, Sue

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