The most popular content on Instagram

By Jackie Bell on October 28, 2020

By Jackie Bell on October 28, 2020

Instagram is one of the most popular social media websites that allows you to share photos, stories, and videos with other users. It showcases a lot of diverse content to fit everyone’s interests, and is worth considering for your organization’s marketing.

Different types of content tend to be more popular than others. Let’s look at what they are so you can apply them to your organization’s Instagram account!

Who has the most followers on Instagram?

If you’re wondering what Instagram accounts have the highest number of followers, you could probably guess who is in the #1 spot: Instagram. They have over 370 million followers and over 6,500 posts. Naturally, one of the main reasons they are #1 is because they run the service. However, they post such diverse content to reach a larger audience, which furthers their popularity.

Following Instagram, you have celebrities like:

They have some of the biggest followings and most popular content. It’s hard for many people to turn away from reading information that involves celebrities’ lives. People are interested in reading, knowing, and seeing what is going on in celebrities’ lives, which is why it’s such a hit on Instagram. It’s up close and personal through social media, and people love it.

Wait, you’re not a celebrity? Don’t worry, you don’t have to be a celebrity to have popular content. You can look at their posts to get ideas, and there are a few lessons to be learned from those accounts and others.

Gain a following with creativity

There is an Instagram known as Cashcats, and yes, it’s exactly what you are picturing: cats laying on cash. What’s the lesson there? Get creative! There are so many different ideas that haven’t even been thought of yet. You don’t just have to post pictures related to your products and services. What else interests your target audience?

Be strategic

The time that you decide to post really does make a difference, especially now that Instagram has switched away from a strictly chronological newsfeed. You want to post on a day and time when Instagram users are most active so they have a better chance of coming across your content.

Post consistently

The more often you post, the more likely people will come across your content. Popular Instagram pages do this because of Instagram’s non-chronological newsfeed. It creates a higher chance for people to see the post and even click on the page.

Use hashtags

Yes, people still use hashtags, especially on Instagram! If you ever browse through your search bar and see posts that you are interested in, it’s because Instagram automatically collects content based on what you’ve viewed in the past. Not only that, but hashtags help Instagram find specific content to cater to your particular interests. Many people also search for specific hashtags to find more content they want to see. It’s a great way to find out what your target audience is interested in, and definitely something you should use when posting.

Instagram is used daily by thousands of people sharing content and looking for entertainment. It’s important to be patient while using it for your organization because it can take time. Also, be sure to have fun! Use your creativity and explore the entertaining world of Instagram.

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