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By Cole Battles on February 26, 2020

By Cole Battles on February 26, 2020

For years we’ve been working with clients that understand that it’s a good idea to blog, but have no clue what they would blog about. While you should certainly get more strategic as time goes on, the old quote attributed to Mark Twain holds true: “The secret to getting ahead is getting started.”

Looking for ways to come up with blog ideas so you can get started? Check out six different ways in the infographic below!

  1. Ask your audience – Literally ask subscribers, clients, and even friends what they would like to read about.
  2. Revisit past blogs – Look at blogs you wrote in the past and revisit the topics. You can do a new take on it, or just update the blog to be relevant today.
  3. SEO research with Wordtracker – Enter a keyword, and Wordtracker will give you related keywords. Use those to find new blog topics!
  4. SEO research with AnswerThePublic – Again, enter a keyword. AnswerThePublic will give you questions people have searched for. Write your blog as an answer to one of the questions.
  5. Blog a Week book – Tim’s book from a few years back has 52 different ways to come up with blog ideas. Check out more information and a free sample here.
  6. 101 Blog Topic Recipes ebook – For a fill in the blank quick reference source to come up with blog topics, be sure to check our this ebook that we put together.

Or you you want someone to blog for you, feel free to reach out and see if we might be a good fit!


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