OOMPHcast #32: Julie Porter Scott – Using Yelp to Grow Your Business

By Tim Priebe on June 3, 2015

By Tim Priebe on June 3, 2015

In episode 32 of OOMPHcast, Tim is joined by Oklahoma City Yelp Community Manager, Julie Porter Scott. Yelp is a great resource to help discover great local businesses, and Julie shares how her role as the Community Manager in Oklahoma City helps to foster business growth and engagement. Julie also shares how Yelp is unique from other online marketing and social media tools, as well as how business owners can use Yelp to improve their current online marketing and social media efforts.

Julie has seen a lot of good and bad Yelp uses, and she lends her unique insight to help all of us learn what to do and what NOT to do. Julie shares how Yelp utilizes their Elite Squad to make sure the data shared on each business is fair and accurate. She also shares how they can tell if a review is genuine or staged.

For those who are new or not familiar with Yelp, Julie gives detailed information on how a business owner can claim their space on Yelp, lists out some of the basic and advanced features of Yelp, shares some of the third party resources available for Yelp, and tells how she can be reached to help your business succeed with Yelp.

In This Episode

1:08- Introduction and background on Julie.
2:12- What is the role of a Yelp Community Manager?
2:50- What is the Yelp Elite Squad?
4:24- Does Yelp only help businesses?
6:38- How is Yelp different from other forms on social media?
8:35- What are the benefits of using Yelp?
9:15- How to claim your business on Yelp.
10:26- Is it possible to claim multiple businesses under a single Yelp account?
11:10- What other social media platforms should business owners be using that integrate with Yelp?
12:22- What are the features of SeatMe?
13:54- What are some of the more powerful features of Yelp?
15:57- What are some tactics that should be avoided on Yelp?
20:15- What are some tactics that bring success on Yelp?
27:35- What are Julie’s online marketing pet peeves?
30:07- If Julie had just 1 hour a week to market online, what would she do?

Connect with Julie and Yelp OKC

You can connect with Julie and her company in the following places:

Thank you for listening to the show. See you next time, and keep on marketing, Oklahoma!


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