Five Things that Annoy Me About Websites

By Tim Priebe on June 4, 2008

By Tim Priebe on June 4, 2008

Here are some random things that annoy me about websites. I’m not going to link to any specific examples, as that would be too mean. That, and I’ve probably been guilty of some of these in the past.

  1. Too few graphics. The vast majority of websites need some graphics to break up the text. Although occasionally there are exceptions to this rule, they are far and few between.
  2. Too many graphics. Don’t go too far the other way, either. Your website visitors won’t stick around if your site doesn’t load pretty quickly, and unnecessary graphics increase that load time.
  3. The web designer is unwilling to change the site design just because a lot of time was spent on the first design. Just because you spent a lot of time on it doesn’t mean the design is great.Know when to make a clean break and redesign your site.
  4. Not much contact info. I will say that some of my clients have specified that I leave off certain contact information of theirs. As a believer in approachability, I think that the more ways you can give someone to contact you (email, phone, address, etc.), the better.
  5. Sites with good content but horrible design. This is like displaying the Mona Lisa in your friend’s basement. If you have something cool to show the world, then do a good job presenting it.

Make sure you don’t do any of these things. Or if you do, you’d better have a really good, well thought out reason.

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