Can I separate my Facebook Page from my personal account?

By Leann Priebe on November 23, 2022

By Leann Priebe on November 23, 2022

I love Facebook, but I understand that not everyone does. One of my good friends deleted her Facebook account earlier this year. To be honest, it still weirds me out a bit.

But what if you own a business or run a nonprofit? If you want your organization to have a Facebook presence, do you have to be on Facebook? Or maybe you just don’t want people who follow your business on Facebook to see the weirdos you’re friends with.

Can you separate your business or nonprofit’s Facebook Page from your personal Facebook account?

A Facebook Page has to have an administrator. And that administrator has to access Facebook using an account. So you do have to use a personal account to manage a Facebook Page.

However, you don’t have to make that fact public! Here are some tips if you don’t want your Facebook Page followers to find your personal account or vice versa:

  • Don’t ever post about your Facebook Page on your profile.
  • Don’t mention your name on the Facebook Page.
  • Always be very, very careful to check whether you’re posting as your page or as your profile.
  • Have a friend who does know about your Facebook Page log in and check it closely for any mention of you.
  • While it may be complex for some, consider using Meta Business Manager to really keep things separate. Fair warning: There’s a steep learning curve.
  • While it’s technically against the rules, you can theoretically create a second Facebook account, not add any friends on that account, and only use that one to manage your Facebook Page.
  • Periodically check who is an admin on your Facebook Page to be sure they’re safely separate.

Keeping your personal and professional Facebook lives separate can be challenging, and it’s not how I do social media. But if you really want to do it and are willing to be careful and put the work in, you can make it happen!

If you just prefer to have someone else create and run your Facebook Page for you, feel free to reach out. We would be happy to talk and see if we can help!

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