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By Tim Priebe on October 5, 2022

By Tim Priebe on October 5, 2022

LinkedIn can be a powerful social media platform that you may be able to use to build your business and grow sales. It has a lot of potential in many industries! But without expert guidance, it can sometimes be frustrating.

I’ve performed tons of profile audits, Company Page audits, and helped many of my clients improve their LinkedIn presence in the years since the platform launched. I’ve learned a lot of ways to use it during that time.

Let’s look at 76 LinkedIn tips that can help you better use the social media site.

Utilize your profile

  1. Add your name pronunciation, especially if your name isn’t always pronounced correctly.
  2. Create an enticing headline that’s more than just your job title.
  3. Be sure your current position is accurate.
  4. Be sure your location is filled out and accurate.
  5. Make sure your contact info is up-to-date.
  6. Add your company website to your personal profile in the contact info.
  7. Make sure you have at least two past positions added.
  8. Fill out the education section, including at least one school.
  9. Make sure your positions and schools have a sentence or two describing your involvement.
  10. Add at least three skills.
  11. Add a professional profile photo, not a random selfie from your phone.
  12. Add a custom background photo that reflects the industry you’re in.
  13. Add any publications you’ve been published in.
  14. List honors and awards you’ve received.
  15. List any organizations you’ve been involved in.
  16. Fill out all the other sections you can.
  17. Customize your profile URL so it doesn’t have weird numbers or letters. For example, mine is https://www.linkedin.com/in/timjpriebe
  18. Add your custom URL to your profiles elsewhere online.
  19. Add your custom URL to your email signature.
  20. Add your custom URL to your bio on your company’s website.
  21. Write everything in your profile, keeping your ideal reader in mind. If it’s prospects, share what they would want to know. If it’s potential employers, write it for them.
  22. Write in first person, not third person.
  23. Utilize video. You can add it in a variety of sections.
  24. Consider signing up for a paid account. It will make your profile stand out and show up more in searches.
  25. Don’t just add your work email address. Add an address you’ll still have access to if you leave your job.

Utilize your connections

  1. Invite people to connect with you regularly. Have an initial goal of 50, then a stretch goal of 500. At least initially, concentrate on people you already know.
  2. Connect with people you currently work with.
  3. Connect with people you’ve worked with in the past.
  4. Connect with people you went to school with.
  5. Connect with people you know through church and other community organizations.
  6. Connect with people LinkedIn suggests.
  7. Synchronize your address book with LinkedIn, so you can connect with those people as well.
  8. Go through any business cards you’ve collected over the years and connect with those people.
  9. Be sure to respond to invitation requests regularly.
  10. Endorse the skills of others you trust, and ask them to do the same for you.
  11. Give recommendations to others.
  12. Request recommendations for others. But only after you give them one.
  13. Look through the connections of people you’re connected with to find other people you want to know, then email your connection and ask for an introduction.
  14. Message your contacts regularly to check in. If you don’t know them well, once a year is probably sufficient.

Utilize content

  1. Share links to your personal or company blog.
  2. Share links to services and products you sell.
  3. Post helpful content with tips directly on LinkedIn in updates that are 150 – 200 words long.
  4. Post videos with helpful information.
  5. Post individual photos and graphics.
  6. Post galleries with multiple graphics.
  7. Write articles you publish directly through LinkedIn.
  8. Set up and maintain a newsletter directly through LinkedIn.
  9. Tag other individuals when posting about them, especially when you post photos that include them.
  10. For maximum reach—only on some posts—message some contacts you know really well right after posting and ask if they will share, comment, and like your post.
  11. Post in LinkedIn groups.
  12. Create a LinkedIn group that would appeal to your ideal prospect, then post in there on a regular basis.
  13. Use a scheduling tool to pre-schedule updates every month, so you don’t have to worry about them on a daily basis.
  14. Message people who view your profile and see if there’s anything you can help them with.
  15. Message your connections and see if they want to get together in person or via Zoom for lunch or coffee to catch up.

Utilize your Company Page

  1. Create a Company Page for your organization if you haven’t already.
  2. Add a profile photo, typically your logo.
  3. Add a custom cover photo.
  4. Add a tagline.
  5. Customize your LinkedIn public URL. For example, ours is https://www.linkedin.com/company/tandsgo
  6. Add your URL to your website.
  7. Create a custom button. A link back to your website is often a great option.
  8. Fill out your company’s description.
  9. Be sure your website is linked to in your overview.
  10. Fill in your contact info, especially your phone number.
  11. If you’re often hiring, turn on and configure the Workplace module.
  12. Add any and all locations, even if you only have one location.
  13. Add three hashtags to your Company Page so you can see and respond to topics with those hashtags as your company.
  14. Add any featured groups you’ve created for your company.
  15. Make sure your work history on your profile is properly linked to your Company Page.
  16. Invite your connections to follow your Company Page.
  17. Post updates regularly. Just like your profile, you can schedule your content once a month using a third-party tool.
  18. Sponsor updates if you want to get more exposure.
  19. Create events through your page to get them more exposure.
  20. Create a showcase page for products, services, or sub-brands you want to feature.
  21. Look at your analytics regularly so you can see how you’re doing and adjust your strategy as needed.
  22. Add additional team members as admins so they can help. Add the minimum necessary, but make sure at least one other person has access to your Company Page in case anything happens to your account.

I know that’s a lot, but LinkedIn is a nuanced tool that can take a lot of practice to get good at. The key is to get started!

If you feel overwhelmed by all this and would like help with your LinkedIn presence, we would be happy to talk and see if we’re a good fit for you. We help with several social media platforms, but LinkedIn is one of our specialties.

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