Case study: Family Builders

By Leann Priebe on May 11, 2022

By Leann Priebe on May 11, 2022

I’ve shared before how much we love working with nonprofits, especially ones here in the Oklahoma City area. In fact, one of the ones I mentioned was Family Builders, who we’ve worked with for nearly a decade now!

Family Builders is nonprofit that helps families in Oklahoma City. It exists to stop abuse in Oklahoma. It does that by providing parenting programs, community education, a batterers intervention program, and co-parenting and divorce classes.

During our time with Family Builders, we’ve worked with two different executive directors, and Tim even served on their board for a while.


Laura Gamble was the executive director when we first started working with Family Builders. She had recently led the organization through a rebranding effort, and now it was time to extend that rebrand to all the elements of their digital marketing.

They were unable to make any changes to their existing website. They also didn’t have all the capabilities she really wanted, including allowing people to donate or register for events. The system they were using for event registration actually meant they didn’t get any money until after the event was over.

Finally, Laura wanted a better ongoing line of communication with current and potential donors. She didn’t know what that would look like, but believed that the answer was in the nonprofit’s online presence.

Later we worked with their new executive director, Kate Bacon. While Kate was happy with the website, she wanted to know if there was more they could be doing to take advantage of the changes Google had made.


One of the first things we did for Family Builders was to create a new, better-functioning, engaging website. We built it on WordPress, which meant their team would be able to make a lot of changes on their own. Of course, we remained available to help make updates whenever they needed us to. In fact, years later, they had us revamp the site yet again!

For better ongoing communication with potential and current donors, we set them up on Mailchimp and designed an email newsletter for them. We also overhauled their social media presence with their new branding on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube.

Once Kate was on the scene, we helped her take advantage of Google’s updated algorithm by performing ongoing technical SEO services that ensured the website loaded quickly.

We’ve now managed the Family Builders website for almost a decade, love working with them, and hope the relationship continues for years to come!

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