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By Leann Priebe on October 13, 2021

By Leann Priebe on October 13, 2021

Instagram. I like it. If I’m being honest, I mostly follow YouTubers. Instagram is great for ideas about home organization. But it can also be great for businesses and nonprofits. And it’s definitely grown and changed in the past few years.

If your organization wants to use Instagram or take it to the next level, here are five quick tips.

Post to Facebook also

One of my favorite things about Instagram is that you can post there, check an option on your phone, and post to Facebook as well. I use that feature often!

If you tag someone in your Instagram post, be sure to pop over to Facebook afterward and edit that post so you can change it to a Facebook tag.

Don’t post to Twitter

It would be great if it worked better, but I don’t like how Instagram posts to Twitter. It just posts a link, not the actual photo. What good is that? It’s happened to me, and I don’t like it.

Use stories

I love the stories feature on Instagram. It’s less polished than a video on YouTube or Facebook and feels more authentic. If you want to come across as genuine, be sure you’re using stories.

Try reels

On the other hand, reels let you be more creative in a video, and they’re displayed as a post in your feed. They’ve been out just over a year, so be sure to try them out if you haven’t already. In fact, don’t be afraid to try out new features in general when Instagram launches them.

Be real

People and organizations who are authentic on Instagram are way more likable. You get more of a real feel for organizations on Instagram than you do on other platforms. If you’re trying to be fake or super polished, I won’t like you. Some people may, but probably not the people you want to.

Instagram is definitely one of my favorite social media platforms. If you haven’t tried it yet for your organization, it may be time. And don’t be afraid to experiment!

Of course, Instagram is one of many things we help clients with. If you need Instagram help, feel free to reach out!

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