Premier WordPress Web Designer award

By Jackie Bell on December 11, 2020

By Jackie Bell on December 11, 2020

Here at T&S Online Marketing, we are dedicated to helping businesses and nonprofit organizations with their websites, online presences, search engine optimization, and more. We have had local recognition for years, and now, we have been getting recognized on a national basis. One of the platforms we use on a regular basis is WordPress, and recently, we have been awarded the Premier WordPress Web Designer Award. We are very honored! 

WordPress has been a useful, versatile platform for us, and we’ve been using it for over a decade. We have launched hundreds of websites that use WordPress since 2003. Our owner Tim Priebe has been involved in local WordPress groups for several years, including speaking and volunteering as a co-organizer. WordPress has allowed us to help organizations and businesses create a better online experience for both their users and themselves.

A huge thank you for the Premier WordPress Web Designer Award and the national recognition. We are very appreciative and honored, and we are excited to continue the journey of using WordPress to help others. 

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