Must-have WordPress plugins — infographic

By Cole Battles on November 11, 2020

By Cole Battles on November 11, 2020

We are a digital marketing agency—in case you didn’t know—and we love building websites! We’ve been building websites since 2003 and have been using WordPress since 2010 or so.

Over the years, we have come up with processes and procedures to ensure every website we launch is awesome. This includes installing a short list of WordPress plugins on every single website we launch. These plugins will help your website run more smoothly and make the whole management process much more bearable.

  1. BackupBuddy – This tool provides an easy method for backing up your website, restoring old backups if something breaks, and moving your website to a new server/location.
  2. Beaver Builder – Instead of spending years learning advanced coding techniques, you can use a drag and drop page builder plugin like Beaver Builder to design all the pages on your website.
  3. Gravity Forms – Make clean looking forms that hook into your email marketing services like Mailchimp or even your online payment processor like .
  4. Open Graph and Twitter Card Tags – When you share pages and posts to your social media, they will look better and have an actual photo and snippet of text from the page you are sharing if you’re using this plugin.
  5. PowerPack for Beaver Builder – Take your designs a step further with the PowerPack expansion for Beaver Builder.
  6. Simple Page Ordering – Need your pages to show up in a specific order? Drag them into the right place in the back end of your website instead of figuring out what number you need to put in that “Page Order” field.
  7. Scheduled Post Trigger – If you happen to be scheduling a lot of blogs, occasionally WordPress won’t publish them as scheduled. This tool makes sure each blog is actually posted on schedule.

WordPress offers thousands of plugins to help organizations create a better online experience for their users and themselves. These just happen to be a few that we have found useful in our work.

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