Importance of good SEO

By Tim Priebe on July 22, 2020

By Tim Priebe on July 22, 2020

SEO, or search engine optimization, has been a hot buzzword for years now. But is it really important? Is it something you should invest any resources in?

It’s a pretty simple equation. If most people are using Google to find businesses, the higher you show up on Google, the better off you are.

But some businesses still insist on delaying or ignoring SEO to focus on other aspects of their business. Maybe it’s a car repair shop that’s been in business for 50 years and does a lot of business on referrals. Maybe it’s a business that caters to a lot of traditional and technology-averse customers and still leans on local newspaper or phone book advertising. Whatever the case may be, there are companies that aren’t investing any resources in their SEO.

But completely ignoring SEO is dangerous for your business’s future.

There’s a company called “T&S Marketing Solutions” in Beaverton, Oregon. The only reason we know this is because we field a lot of calls and emails from people in Oregon that are actually looking for them.

Why? Because our SEO is better.

Our company shows up first in many searches for T&S. Even though by rights they should show up higher for their local customers.

They are likely losing business because they haven’t invested enough in their SEO.

Google is the current king of search, and it processes 3.5 billion search queries per day. That number goes up by roughly 10 percent each year. Search is the primary discovery method for businesses these days. When everyone has a smartphone in their pocket that they can use to look up a business quickly and efficiently, especially with the rise in voice search, Google looks like it’s only going to continue going up.

Google’s usage statistics indicate it’s constantly going up. And technology literacy is growing, especially as younger customers get older. Demographics change, and you don’t want your business to fall behind.

SEO is the most valuable “storefront” you have. Make sure you’re giving it the proper priority. Feel free to reach out if you need help.


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