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By Tim Priebe on April 1, 2020

By Tim Priebe on April 1, 2020

Several years ago, I was talking with a potential client when he asked me a question I’d never given much thought to before. He asked, “If I don’t end up going with you, who else would you recommend I talk to?”

That really got me thinking! While some companies I know of have a good reputation in the industry, I don’t personally know the owners or how they do things. But when I know the owner well enough, I can recommend the company even if I don’t know every last detail of how they run their business.

Here are nine—really ten if you read all the way through—other digital marketing companies in the Oklahoma City metro area where I both know the owner and trust how they do business. In fact, when I was asked that question years ago, I instinctively answered with one of the companies on this very list!

Back40 Design 

One of the few companies in the Oklahoma City area that’s been around longer than my company, Back40 Design was started back in 2000. I met Dave not too long after we started T&S in 2003, and he’s always been an upstanding guy. In a former life, Dave was a cartoonist, and I actually read his comic strip on a regular basis!

Like any digital marketing company that started that long ago, Back40 has their roots in web design. Now they do branding, logo creation, graphic design, and web design. As far as websites go, they work in WordPress, BigCommerce, and JavelinCMS—their proprietary CMS. They also do paid advertising, content marketing, and SEO.

Focus Digital Marketing 

Patrick Allmond is the founder and owner of Focus Digital Marketing. Patrick and I have known each other since before 2010. We were both in the Oklahoma chapter of the National Speakers Association, and I’ve had him speak to various groups I’m involved in. Patrick is also passionate about getting people to stop doing nothing!

Focus Digital Marketing helps with online marketing and marketing automation for personal development companies. Patrick and his team provide services including media exposure, paid search, and social media. Patrick has told me they really specialize in lead generation.

Graybill Creative 

I’ve known Sara Graybill at Graybill Creative since 2014 or so. At different times over the years, Sara and I have shared clients, we’ve been each other’s client, we co-organized the Oklahoma City WordPress Users Group, and we’ve even had each other speak at various events. We’ve also worked together on numerous WordPress projects. I even visited Sara in the hospital when she had her first baby!

Graybill Creative creates WordPress websites for businesses, nonprofits, and even graphic designers. That’s right, graphic designers can create design files, send them to Sara, then she converts them into working WordPress websites.

Levant Technologies 

I’ve known the team at Levant Technologies in Norman since before 2010. Ryan Lassiter is my current contact—and friend—at Levant. He says he’s not in charge, rather it’s a collaborative team effort. He and I talk best practices on running a digital marketing company on a fairly regular basis. We also occasionally take long strolls at the lake, believe it or not.

Levant Technologies helps with web design, web development, and managed web hosting. While they used to utilize a proprietary CMS, they now work primarily with WordPress. They also help with content writing, SEO, local SEO, and social media.

Oakes Creative House 

I’ve probably known Crystal Oakes less time than anyone else listed here, but my team and I may have worked directly with her more than anyone else on this list! We met in early 2018, but since then we’ve pulled her in to supplement our team’s bandwidth with graphic design and photography. Crystal does an awesome job at everything we send her way!

Oakes Creative House works with companies of all sizes on branding, marketing, websites, photography, print design, and consulting. Crystal also runs a fantastic community of entrepreneurs on Facebook called for The LOVE of Business. Check the Facebook Group out if you’d like to surround yourselves with people on a similar path as you.

Ricks Concepts 

I’ve known Rick since 2018. We met back when he organized a meetup group for web designers and developers. We were also both involved in the Oklahoma City WordPress Users Group, and we connected while chatting over WordPress and how to better run a web development company. Rick and I also share a mutual love of superheroes, although he has far more Iron Man memorabilia than me.

Ricks Concepts helps with branding, web design, and photography. They are a great resource for people wanting help with WordPress websites. Rick does have experience with other platforms as well, but he is definitely well versed in WordPress.

Siren Media 

I first met Alyssa Weathers-Murphy years before she started her own marketing agency. Alyssa has a great heart for helping others, and I’ve enjoyed being a small part of her journey. Alyssa believes in truly empowering her team and her goal is to run an agency that’s free from the toxicity that some others in our industry suffer from. Knowing her like I do, I think she’s doing a great job at that!

Siren Media helps with branding, logo design, web design, social media, and paid advertising. They approach things strategically, jumping in quickly to get things accomplished. Alyssa herself is the daughter and granddaughter of small business owners, so she truly understands small business owners.

Smirk New Media

I first met Mike Koehler right after he started Smirk New Media in 2010. I was  resisting getting into social media at the time, so I interviewed a few dozen social media businesses and freelancers to find one to refer work to. As far as I can tell, Mike is the only one I talked to that’s still in business! We’ve had some shared passions for nonprofits and our Christianity, and our paths have crossed multiple times over the years. He even owns a Batman painting I created!

Smirk helps with digital marketing services including social media management, digital advertising, search engine optimization, reputation management, and other creative services like branding, graphic design, and videography.

WSI Internet Consulting 

WSI is the only franchise on this list. I happen to know the owners of all three WSI offices in Oklahoma City, although I know Bob Peterson and Gunnar Hood the best. I first met Bob just a couple years after starting my agency and I’m even good friends with some of his family. I have the most contact with Gunnar, as we’ve both been involved in Sandler Training of Oklahoma for a number of years. Gunnar and I have also spoken for some of the same groups, sometimes even at the same time!

WSI lets their franchisees determine their own focus and provides them with a number of tools and resources. As such, both Bob and Gunnar work with a variety of platforms and businesses. I know Gunnar does a decent amount of marketing automation work with medium and large businesses, while Bob has helped a lot of smaller businesses and nonprofits with their websites.

If you’re looking for digital marketing help—especially in the Oklahoma City area—all of these companies are worth reaching out to and having a conversation.


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