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By Tim Priebe on December 27, 2017

By Tim Priebe on December 27, 2017

Two months ago, we looked at six types of emails to include in a drip campaign. Then last month, we looked at examples of three of those. This month, we’ll take a closer look at some more of the specific emails you might include in a welcome series of emails.

Ebook or other packaged content

If you have an ebook, white paper, or even blog articles, this is a great time to share that. You’re essentially letting people know about something they can grab for free, so it provides bonus value for your email subscribers.

Here’s an email one of our clients sends.

Survey or profile data request

Ideally, you’re tailoring your email list to the wants and needs of your subscribers. How do you find out those wants and needs? You ask for more information!

Initially, it’s best practice to ask for as little info as you can get away with. But over time, as your subscriber’s trust in you increases, you can ask them for additional info so you can better help them.

Of course, it’s still best to ask for the least information you can get away with, as they’ll be more likely to respond. But ask a question or two, link to a short survey, or ask people to fill out their profile and include the link. Providers like MailChimp make that fairly easy to do.

Call to action for social engagement

If you’re like many others, you’d prefer that clients and potential clients connect with you on multiple platforms. Sure, it’s great that they’re subscribed to your email newsletter, but you’d love to be connected on Facebook, Twitter, etc.

After they’ve been subscribed for a while, it’s a great opportunity to ask! Just send a message that sounds something like example below, but make sure you replace the links with your own links and modify the list to fit the social networks you’re active on.

If you’re active on any of the social media platforms below, would you be at all interested in connecting with us there?

If not, feel free to delete this and move on. Have an awesome day!

Of course, in all the emails you send, make sure you’re targeting information that will benefit your ideal prospect, be low-cost options for you to share, and demonstrate your expertise without giving too much away for free.

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