Six emails to include in a drip campaign

By Tim Priebe on October 25, 2017

By Tim Priebe on October 25, 2017

In email marketing, a drip campaign is a series of emails that you send at set intervals over a period of time. They’re sometimes also called automated campaigns or lifecycle emails.

One of the most common examples is a welcome series to introduce subscribers to your brand after they join your email newsletter list.

If you’re creating a welcome series drip campaign, here are a few types of emails you might consider including. Of course, as with any online marketing effort, the first step is to identify your goals for your campaign, which should impact the types of emails you include.

Welcome and brand overview

This is your first email after a new subscriber signs up for your list. It’s time to shine! Introduce the new subscriber to your brand personality and what they can expect as a subscriber on your newsletter list. You might also highlight some key products or services for your company.

Free gift or special offer

If one of your goals for your drip campaign is to convert subscribers to purchasing customers, you can send a special offer or free gift email. Depending on your business, this might be a percentage off first purchase, a free consultation, or some other value-add for new customers.

Customer testimonial

Drip campaigns help build trust with your brand over time, and including a customer testimonial or story is a great way to do that. For the most authentic story, include the customer’s name and photo in the email, with their permission, of course.

Ebook or other packaged content

Do you have an ebook or other downloadable resource on your site? Use one of your drip campaign emails to highlight that free resource for subscribers. It provides value to your subscribers while also driving traffic to your website.

Survey or profile data request

Wondering what your customers would most like to see from you in email? Looking for some feedback on the range of services you offer? Use an email in your drip campaign to invite subscribers to answer a few survey questions or fill out their online profile.

Call to action for social engagement

Don’t assume someone’s engaging with your social profiles simply because they subscribe to your email newsletter. Invite them to like or follow you on social media during your drip campaign. This can help boost your social engagement and provide another way for customers and prospects to learn more about your company.

Your goals and audience will affect the specific emails and content you include in a drip campaign, but these six types provide a great framework for any welcome series drip campaign.

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  1. Avatar Matt McNeil, ISA CAPP on October 26, 2017 at 5:52 am

    Fantastic ideas — as always!

    • Tim Priebe Tim Priebe on October 26, 2017 at 10:24 am

      Thanks, Matt. Happy to help!

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