What type of online video matches your goals?

By Tuan Pham on October 18, 2017

By Tuan Pham on October 18, 2017

Want to get started with online video? Great! But what type of video should you use? There are two high-level categories of videos: one-off video and video series. Which type you use depends on several factors, including your goal for using video and your budget.

One-off videos

A one-off video sounds pretty simple—it’s a video that you make one time. Lots of things can fall under this type, including homepage videos, videos about your products or services, or a short collection of training videos.

A homepage video is generally 30 to 60 seconds long and gives a quick overview of your company or your core services. Product/service videos can get a little more detailed and may include a product demonstration, installation steps, or other details. While a training series may include multiple videos, they’re still one-off videos because they’re recorded once and then used again and again.

It’s often easier to measure success for one-off videos. You have a specific goal you want to accomplish with the videos (provide customers with install instructions, train new team members, etc). You create the video, get feedback during the process as needed, and then measure it against your original goal.

The budget for one-off videos will vary depending on how many videos you’re making, but over time, the budget for one-off is typically less than a recurring video series.

Video series

A video series includes multiple videos, typically released at regular intervals. A video series may cover similar topics to a one-off video, including products/services or training topics, but you record and post a new video at a regular interval. For some companies, that means monthly, while others may post new videos weekly.

Goals are important to define for a video series, too. What business goal are you trying to impact with a video series? How will you promote your series across channels, and how will you measure the results?

As with any regularly occurring marketing tactic, consistency is key. Before you embark on a video series, be sure to block out time and money for the recurring videos, as well as create a list of topics to cover in advance.

With either type of video, also be sure to think through what platforms you will use to share your video. YouTube and Facebook are both popular video platforms, so if one of your goals is more eyeballs watching your videos, be sure to post to both platforms.

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