5 annoying YouTube habits

By Leann Priebe on October 27, 2015

By Leann Priebe on October 27, 2015

Like many YouTube watchers, I’m always on the lookout for both laughs and information. I want to watch videos on beauty, organization and mom stuff. But sometimes YouTube channel owners make it really difficult for me to do that.

Here are some YouTube habits you and your organization should avoid.

1. Using non-skippable ads

I understand that using ads helps you generate revenue from your YouTube channel. In fact, we at T&S even use ads to promote our YouTube channel. But unless they really interest me, I just watch them until I can skip them to see the video you’ve posted.

I know that most people aren’t going to be happy if they are forced to watch an ad before they can get to your content. YouTube guidelines even suggest that you’ll have a higher abandonment rate, and that you should consider disabling those types of ads.

2. Being overly promotional

Listen, I clicked on your video because I was looking for advice. But you start out by telling me that your product is the answer. Then the only “how-to” portion of the video is to use your specific product. And then there are little pop ups coaxing me to look at your product.

If you’re going to offer instructional videos, make sure they’re actually instructional. Nobody wants to be tricked into looking at an advertisement.

3. Teasing

Most people will understand that you want them to visit your site or buy your product. But that doesn’t mean you should skimp on content. Nothing is worse than thinking you’re going to get an instructional video only to get half of the instruction and a cliffhanger telling you that you should take any other action to get the rest of the information.

We understand that getting people to your site is important. You’re preaching to the choir! But it won’t do any good if they’re angry when they get there.

4. Using poor quality video

I know that not everybody has a studio and modern, high-quality equipment, but your videos have to be of at least a tolerable quality. They shouldn’t look like they were shot in the seventies, and I don’t want to get motion sickness from watching you try to hold the phone with your other hand.

You don’t have to drop a ton of cash to do a video with decent quality. If you’re in the Oklahoma City area, we may even be able to help.

5. Changing your opinion based on product sponsorship

There are plenty of YouTubers that make a little bit of extra money by creating videos about brand-sponsored content. However, you should be pretty picky about this.

It’s really annoying to see a video from somebody you know wouldn’t like a product suddenly endorsing it because they’re making money off of it.

Focus on quality video and quality content

My favorite YouTube channels are those that I can trust for entertaining and informative video that relates to what’s happening in my life, or answers a question that I have. That’s all most people will ask of a YouTube channel.

Be helpful with your content, don’t be overly promotional, and make sure that it’s of tolerable quality. Then you’re on your way to a successful YouTube channel.

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