How to use Instagram for business

By Holly Kosec on November 3, 2015

By Holly Kosec on November 3, 2015

For a lot of people, the value of Instagram isn’t as immediately clear as platforms like Facebook and Twitter. And if you’re thinking of something like selfie photos, that’s not surprising. But when used the right way, Instagram is an effective way of reaching your audience where they’re at every day, sharing and viewing photos.

So how are organizations using Instagram for business purposes? Here are a few ways that you could put this valuable platform to use.

Show off your products

The simplest example of business’s doing this is restaurants. Look up the Instagram profiles of restaurants and you’ll find photos of delicious burgers and desserts. We’ve all come across a picture of molten chocolate or a mountain of nachos and thought, “I have to have more of that in my life.” You don’t have to be a restaurant to give customers a good look at your product on Instagram. And if you get them at the right time, they might be intrigued enough to try it out.

Show how your product is made

Another way that you can both show your product off and draw an audience closer to your business is to show how it’s made. Customers will often be curious at a behind-the-scenes look at the people and processes that go into creating your product.

Show how your product works

Instagram can function as a great how-to platform. Show your customers the product in use. Give them quick how-to guides in photos. If a customer bought your product but is confused about proper use, your Instagram guides will be much appreciated.

Offer Instagram specials

This is something that can work for other online marketing platforms as well. Try offering an exclusive to customers that they’ll only find on your Instagram. That kind of strategy can generate spur-of-the-moment purchases online.

Show off company culture

Getting to know more about the business than just the products is a good way for customers to have a better relationship with your company. Use photos of your staff at work and activities in the office to inspire customers to buy from you not just because of your products, but because of your culture.


This Instagram tactic is particularly good for non-profits and businesses that host a lot of events. Posting photos of your events can lead to attendees to share their own photos and engage with your Instagram account. And it can show those who didn’t attend the event why they should sign up next time!

In using all of these strategies, it’s important to maintain consistency in how often you post. It’s not easy to gain a following on Instagram if you’re hardly ever posting.

Now, it’s your turn. How is your company using Instagram for business?

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