OOMPHcast #34: Darrell Darnell – Using Podcasts to Grow Your Business

By Tim Priebe on July 1, 2015

By Tim Priebe on July 1, 2015

In episode 34 of OOMPHcast, Tim is joined by Darrell Darnell, owner of Pro Podcast Solutions. Darrell first discovered podcasts when searching for other fans of the TV show LOST. He then began calling in to podcasts and then started hosting his own podcasts. After Darrell started receiving requests from other podcasters seeking help to get the quality sound that his podcasts had, he decided to go into business for himself and created Pro Podcast Solutions. Pro Podcast Solutions now helps podcasters all over the US and Canada with audio production, show notes, transcription, and more.

Darrell shares insights he has gained from hosting and producing his own podcasts, as well as experience he has gained from working with other podcasters. He shares some of the common mistakes that podcasters make and how to easily avoid them. He also talks about some of the easily obtainable equipment that is available for podcasters. Darrell also gives some helpful tips on engaging the audience to grow your podcast.

Darrell and Tim close out the episode with discussion on what matters more: episode content or audio quality. Both of these things are very important to the success of a podcast, but both Tim and Darrell that content matters most. They both share why content trumps audio quality and how you can have both.

In This Episode

2:37- What is a podcast?
3:14- Background on Darrell.
6:12- How Pro Podcast Solutions began.
6:59- What platforms should podcasts be submitted to?
9:13- What is the benefit of having show notes and transcription for your podcast?
11:42- What are some of the common mistakes that podcasters make?
14:40- How create a two-way conversation with your podcast.
16:36- What are easy things that can be done to improve a podcast?
18:35- What are some of Darrell’s pet peeves about podcasts?
20:36- If you just had one hour a week to work on a podcast, what should you do?
24:01- What services does Pro Podcast Solutions offer?

Connect with Darrell and Pro Podcast Solutions

You can connect with Darrell and Pro Podcast Solutions in the following places:

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