Are you losing leads online?

By Tim Priebe on April 7, 2015

By Tim Priebe on April 7, 2015

Maybe your organization provides professional services. Maybe you work with a nonprofit that relies on donors and volunteers. Maybe you sell products or services directly online. Whatever the case, you may benefit from getting leads online.

Want more leads from your website? Make sure it’s easy to contact you.

Visit your competition’s website. How quickly can you find their contact information? Does it take one second? Two? Thirty? A minute or two?

Now, reach out to a friend who has probably never visited your website. Ask them to do the same thing, but on your own website.

If it takes them too long, you may be losing opportunities for leads. If you don’t want to lose those potential leads, make it as easy to contact your organization as you can!

Here are a few places you should think about putting your organization’s contact info:

  • Your home page
  • Every page
  • Your sidebar
  • The footer of your website
  • The top right, in a larger font than your normal test
  • A dedicated contact page

Also consider a button for a Get a Quote or Contact page that has a form to collect information from website visitors.

I do recommend that even if you have contact info on every page, that you still create a dedicated Contact page. Different people surf the web different ways. Some of them will check your website’s menu for a Contact page, even if the phone number is on the page they’re already looking at.

Of course, you may not be comfortable making these changes yourself. Your current website may not even be set up for you to edit it on your own. If that’s the case, feel free to reach out to us and see if we can help.


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