Google Plus Pages just became more powerful!

By Tim Priebe on July 23, 2012

By Tim Priebe on July 23, 2012

Okay, I admit it. I ripped off my headline from an article I wrote last month on LinkedIn Pages being added to HootSuite. Rightfully so, because the same thing has now happened with Google Plus. That’s right, Google Plus just became a much more powerful tool, because you can now pre-schedule your updates in HootSuite along with other social networks like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

First off, let’s get the bad way news of the way first. HootSuite does not support the updating of personal Google+ accounts. Rather, the support that was just added is for Google+ Pages. So if you’re into personal branding and scheduling updates for personal accounts across other networks, that support is not yet in place.

Thankfully, the process to set up your Google Plus page in HootSuite should be familiar to people already using HootSuite. But just in case, here’s a how-to video.

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