Why Oranges?

By Tim Priebe on November 8, 2010

By Tim Priebe on November 8, 2010

We have oranges on almost all our marketing materials. We have them on our website, fliers, business cards, etc. (Actually, everyone picks their fruit for their business cards, but I get to use oranges.) We even refer to T&S staff as Orangites. We get a lot of clients asking us about them, though. Why oranges?

Back in early 2009, Dave Roach was one of our designers. He was doing most of the work on our website redesign at the time, and threw some oranges in as a place-holder because they looked tasty. As it turned out, everyone who looked at them thought they looked great. Delicious and visually appealing.

Also, it turned out we could have fun with the whole thing across our brand. We added an orange-o-meter to our website. We started sending orange soda (among other things) to clients when their websites launched. We also started calling T&S staff by the name Orangites.

In fact, it turned out that Orangites was a great name! Not only was it consistent branding, but it was actually kinda accurate. So, with no further ado…

Top 5 reasons T&S Orangites are really like Oranges

5. We come in many varieties, all awesome.

4. Much like oranges, hanging around Orangites will help stave off scurvy. (Based on anecdotal evidence only. If you actually have scurvy, please contact a physician.)

3. All Orangites have navels.

2. We’re generally pretty sweet.

1. One word: Cuties.

Of course, the analogy isn’t perfect…

5 ways Orangites are not like Oranges

5. You can’t buy us in the grocery store.

4. We are not as acidic as household vinegar.

3. It’s NOT a good idea to lock us in your fridge.

2. Our peels cannot be used as a slug repellent.

1. Nobody here is named Julius.

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