Cutting down on cost when redoing your logo

By Tim Priebe on May 18, 2008

By Tim Priebe on May 18, 2008

Can you tell I’m a little stuck on logos lately? Our job here at T&S is to help businesses put their best foot forward on the web. Unfortunately, bad logos tend to work against us in that regard. We have to come up with creative ways to use logos we’re not fond of in a design we are fond of. Our designers, Emily Spirek and Dave Roach, do a great job.

However, let’s assume that you’ve decided you want your business to have a new logo, but you have it on so much material that it would be cost prohibitive to create a new one. Here’s a simple solution.

Replace it everywhere you don’t have to spend extra money, then on one thing at a time where you do have to spend money.

At the very beginning, replace it on your website, documents that you print directly from your computer on an as-needed basis, etc. Then you should probably replace it on your business cards as well. If you have a storefront with a sign, that should be your next stop.

If you use professionally printed letterheads, labels, envelopes and other items, consider temporarily printing them yourself on your computer until you can afford to replace all the items.

An alternative is to simply get the logo redesigned, then calculate how much it will cost to switch everything over and start saving up. That way you can wait and just switch everything over at once.

If you like your new logo much more than your old one, you’ll probably find yourself saving the money that much faster.

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