How to use Pinterest for business

By Michela Owen on February 28, 2024

By Michela Owen on February 28, 2024

Let’s talk Pinterest – a platform that’s much more than just a hub for DIY enthusiasts and recipe hunters. For businesses, Pinterest is a goldmine for visual marketing and connecting with a diverse audience.

Let’s dive into how your business can use Pinterest not just to exist but to thrive. It’s all about striking the right chord with visuals and strategy, so let’s get into it.

Should your business be on Pinterest?

Before you even start, be sure to ask youself, “Should my business or nonprofit even be on Pinterest?”

We can answer that question guided by the wisdom in our own Tim Priebe’s book, “Online Marketing Mindshift.” Tim outlines the Point of Optimization (POI), a framework that’s essential for effectively utilizing platforms like Pinterest.

Here’s a look at the POI:

  • Audience: First up, is your target demographic on Pinterest? If your audience isn’t scrolling there, your content might just echo in an empty room.
  • Capabilities: This is about whether Pinterest’s strengths align with your content style. If your business thrives on visually compelling content and can create pins that catch the eye, Pinterest could be your stage. It’s not just about creating content; it’s about creating the right kind of content for the platform.
  • Culture Fit: Does Pinterest resonate with your brand’s ethos? It’s crucial that the platform complements your brand’s voice and overall marketing strategy.
  • Comfort Level: Are you ready to dive into the world of Pinterest? It’s important to consider if you’re up for learning the ropes of this unique platform. Or if you’re paying someone else to do this for you, what’s their comfort level?

Using Tim’s POI, we can assess if Pinterest is a suitable match for your marketing toolkit. It’s not just about being on Pinterest; it’s about thriving there in a way that aligns with these four elements.

Setting up your Business Profile

Let’s assume Pinterest does make sense for you. Great!

To start with, switch to a business account on Pinterest. This isn’t just a formality; it’s your ticket to valuable tools like Pinterest Analytics. Make your profile pop – use a clear logo, a bio that echoes your brand’s voice, and don’t forget to link to your website.

It’s like dressing your brand for success!

Crafting a killer content strategy

Pinterest is a visual storyteller’s paradise. Your strategy here? Think visually appealing, high-quality pins that weave a narrative about your products or services. It’s not just about pretty pictures; it’s about pins that pique interest and tell a story.

Keep your content fresh and regular – think of it as keeping the conversation going with your audience.

The magic of rich pins

Normal pins are great, but rich pins are the superstars of Pinterest!

Whether it’s a product, recipe, or article, these pins pack more information, providing a richer experience for users. For instance, Article rich Pins allow you to add a headline, the description, and the author of the article or blog post.

It’s about making it irresistibly easy for users to go from ‘just browsing’ to ‘let’s check out that website!’

Promoted pins and the power of analytics

Consider Promoted Pins as your fast track to visibility. Sure, you have to give Pinterest some money to promote them, but the advantage is that they blend into the Pinterest landscape but reach more people.

Pair this with the insights you get from Pinterest Analytics, and you’ve got a recipe for refining your strategy to hit right where it counts.

Get pinning!

Pinterest is more than just another social platform; it’s a vibrant, visual marketplace buzzing with potential customers. By crafting a strategic presence and engaging content, you can turn this platform into a powerhouse for your brand. And if you’re sitting there thinking, “This sounds great, but where do I start?” – that’s where we come in!

Ready to dive into Pinterest, or need a helping hand? Let’s chat to see if we’re a good fit for you – we’re all about making you look your best online, including a killer Pinterest strategy.

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