How much does WordPress cost?

By Michela Owen on January 3, 2024

By Michela Owen on January 3, 2024

When it comes to building your online presence, WordPress is a name that often rings loud and clear. It’s renowned for its user-friendliness and adaptability. But here’s the kicker – there’s more to WordPress than meets the eye, especially when it comes to cost.

So, if you’re pondering the WordPress puzzle and its impact on your budget, you’re in the right spot. This article is your roadmap to understanding the cost dynamics of WordPress. We’ll delve into the captivating world of open-source software, its financial implications, and why it’s the heart and soul of WordPress.

We won’t just stop at the surface; we’ll explore the depth and breadth of what WordPress can mean for your website dreams. Ready to embark on this enlightening journey into the world of WordPress and its price tag? vs.

WordPress isn’t a one-size-fits-all deal; in fact, there are two distinct versions. Yep, you heard that right. When diving into the WordPress universe, you’ll soon encounter and Now, what’s the difference? 

This is like the quick-start, no-fuss version of WordPress. It’s hosted on WordPress servers, and you get a slice of the WordPress pie for free. But, and it’s a big but, there are limitations. You’re restricted to their themes and plugins, and you’ll have that pesky “” in your domain name. For some personal bloggers, this works just fine.

Costs? Well, you can use it for free or choose from the paid plans, from $4 to $45 per month. So, if you want a simple blog without the hassle, this could be your go-to. But it’s far less powerful than the next version. 

Sometimes called the self-hosted version of WordPress, this is where things get exciting, especially for businesses and nonprofits. This is the open-source version of WordPress, which means it’s entirely free – no catch.

You’ll need to find hosting for your website, which comes with its own set of costs (we’ll get to that). However, with, you’re the captain of your ship. You can install any theme or plugin your heart desires and completely customize your website.

This is the robust, limitless option for those who crave control and scalability. This is the version that our team uses when creating websites for clients, and we’ve used it for over a decade.

Are you intrigued by the prospect of a website? Great, we’ll get into that in just a bit!

What is open-source software?

Now, let’s talk about open source – a concept that forms the very foundation of Imagine getting a recipe for a delicious cake. You can follow it as-is, tweak a few ingredients, or even whip up an entirely new dessert. That’s open source in the world of software.

Literally put, open source software is software where the code that runs it is available for anyone (who can code) to read, edit, and redistribute.

In the case of WordPress, it means the code that powers your website is open to anyone and everyone. It’s like a shared kitchen where developers worldwide can add their own flavors to the mix. This collaborative effort results in constant improvements, bug fixes, and innovations.

But what does this mean for your wallet? Well, quite a lot, actually. Since is open source, you don’t pay a dime for the software itself. No licensing fees, no subscription charges. It’s a gift from the tech community to the world.

However, there’s a catch (though not a particularly hefty one). While the software is free, you’ll need a place to host your website. Think of it as renting a space for your bakery. Hosting can range from a few dollars a month for basic setups to more significant costs for robust, high-traffic sites.

And just because the software that runs your website is free, that doesn’t mean there aren’t other investments you may want to make to make a website that actually does something for your business. More on that in a bit. 

So, to summarize, open source software means is free for the taking. The expenses come into play when you find a cozy home (hosting) for your website, but even then, it’s relatively budget-friendly.

Costs associated with

Now, let’s get into the nitty-gritty of what it takes to run a website. We’ve already established that the software itself is free because it’s open source. But, as with any venture, there are associated costs.

Hosting: Your digital parking space

Think of hosting as the digital equivalent of renting a parking space for your website. This is where your website resides on the internet. Sure, you could just have a copy on your computer, but then nobody could see it! So you need to get website hosting.

Hosting costs can vary widely, depending on your needs.

Cheap Hosting: These are like budget parking lots. They’re cost-effective, but you might find some limitations. They’re suitable for personal blogs or very small websites. Generally, security isn’t as good as it is on higher-end hosting.

Expect to pay around $2 to $10 per month.

Managed Hosting: Think of this as valet parking. It’s a more premium service where your hosting provider takes care of many technical aspects, ensuring your site runs smoothly.

Prices can range from $25 to $200+ per month.

Creating your website

While the WordPress software is free, if you don’t want to create your own website, you’ll need to pay someone to help you.

The cost of creating a website is much like buying a car. The price tag depends on what you want and need. Here’s a rough breakdown: 

Basic Setup: If you’re tech-savvy and want a simple website, you can do it yourself for less than $100. This is like buying a small, budget-friendly car.

Professional Help: Many businesses and nonprofits turn to professionals (like us at Backslash Creative) for website creation. Those one-time costs can range from $2,000 to $15,000 or more (although our payment options work a bit differently). This is like choosing a reliable mid-range car with all the features you need.

Custom-Built: For those with specific needs, custom-built websites can cost upwards of $25,000. This is like opting for a luxury car with all the bells and whistles.

Remember, your website is an essential part of your brand and online presence. The investment you make can significantly impact your online success. Just as you wouldn’t compromise on the safety features of a car, investing wisely in your website ensures it performs optimally and communicates effectively with your audience.

Why pay someone to set up a website? 

You might be thinking, “Self, why not just tackle this WordPress thing on my own? After all, it’s free, right?” Well, let me break it down for you. Setting up a website isn’t just about the technicalities; it’s about crafting a digital masterpiece that showcases your brand, speaks to your audience, and delivers results.

More than technical setup

Sure, you can learn the technical aspects of WordPress, like how to install it, choose a theme, and add plugins. But remember, your website is more than a digital brochure; it’s your online identity. It should reflect your expertise, professionalism, and unique mission.

Expertise in marketing and design

When you pay someone to set up your website, you’re not just getting technical assistance. You’re tapping into the expertise of marketing and design professionals who understand how web surfers interact with websites. They’ll ensure that your website not only looks good but also communicates effectively with your target audience.

It’s all about psychology

Successful websites aren’t just pretty faces; they’re strategic tools that attract the right people and repel the wrong ones. Professional web designers and marketers know how to use psychology to make this happen. They craft your website to appeal to your ideal audience on a subconscious level, increasing the chances of converting visitors into customers.

Cost vs. effectiveness

Sure, you could opt for a low-cost, quick setup, like hiring a college student or a budget designer. And there’s a time and place for cutting costs. However, when it comes to your website, cutting corners might not be the best strategy. An effective website isn’t just about aesthetics; it’s about generating results and returns on your investment.

The value of expertise

Not everyone is in a position to hire a full-fledged marketing agency, and we get that. But when the time comes, and you have the opportunity, consider the value of expertise. A well-crafted website can make a significant impact on your online success, and investing wisely in it ensures that it does its job effectively.

So, if you’re ready to make the most of your website, think beyond just the technical setup. Consider the broader picture of what your online presence can achieve. And when you’re in a position to do so, don’t hesitate to bring in the pros who can turn your website into a powerful tool for your brand.

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